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  During one of the kenya competence partners SALT visit in kithituni ,DORCUS beads -----a group of women who makes beads out of recycled papers ,takes us through their self assesement ,tthey mentionen three ares as of priority -1 INCREASED MARKET 2-LOOK FOR  MORE SPACE ,3

DIVERSIFICATION OF THE PRODUCTS .-----they had a No actions to follow to reach their Dream

I have  been thinking alot around this .i came up with two questions to start with .


                2 HOW THEN DO YOU GET THERE {ACTIONS }------then you can probably choose four areas to persue and come with ACTIONS  ------im not sure how to go about the next steps i need inputs from you guys 


Can self-assessment tool be used in profit - making Business world? If so, could this also mean an opportunity for Constellation and its facilitators to start to accompany and support business? 


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My opinion is that the concept of 'competence' is applicable for all sphere of life. Community life competence has been applied to address social issues, environment management, human traffficking, agriculture etc. The question that needs to be posed is "How competent are we in making profit in  business management?"  We can then identify some key elements of profit making and do the self assessment on these elements to ascetain the level of competence we at and then set SMART [ S- specific; M- measurable; A- achievable; R-reliable; T- time bound] targets to move from one level to the next.

What if we asked: what is our vision of our business as a happy community and build the practices towards that vision, Maybe profit  making would be cast in a more relative light?


What would happen if I looked at my business in this light:

'Profit is what happens when I do everything else right?'

So then I need to ask myself, 'What are all the things that I need to do right?'

And then I begin to move towards a Self Assessment. 

And that is what I have done in my own business over the last 20 years. 


So yes, you can. 

Jl and Phil this is then practical ,thanks Phil for sharing you practical experience on this in u busines and the tool ,then can we say we can confidently in future  accompany organizations !!!.


If then YES , we can then develop self assessment tool that fits the occasion of profit making organizations with practices that generally captures the activities .----------------

more thoughts in this -------!!!!!!


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