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At 9:42pm on December 6, 2010, Rituu B. Nanda said…
Hi Lau,

Thanks for sharing such wonderful news on Kindu CAD. What has been the most remarkable change?

Am enjoying the DRC and Cameroon news all over Ning today. Asia can learn so much from Africa.


At 6:27pm on November 5, 2010, Gusto Aihan said…
Dear Laurence,
here some of information about the mother that I did not write down in hold me, love me or let me go(negative info).But I am 200% agree to your opinion. Two days a go I met them and I saw there was some thing different to the way the mother looked at to baby. And I felt like GOD heard my prays.
At 1:05pm on November 5, 2010, magezi bashir said…
tahnk you so much for that comment hope we move palces and be more freinds let me try to contact these people.
thank you
At 5:17pm on November 4, 2010, Carolyne Opinde said…
Thank Laurence, I just did it.
At 7:53pm on November 1, 2010, Joao Arnaldo Vembane said…
Hey Laurence,

thanks all for well coming messages. It seems my long desappearance on Ning made me deleted from some minds. I already have some blogs and has been difficult to be online in this group all the times. My work and studies have been killing me... but whenever possible I do post something. Visit my profile, I´ve been here for more that one year.

Sophie, I'm sorry for long silence, the reason I mentioned above. would you just post the group debate please, so that and I'll answer from there?

Regards to all
At 6:17pm on October 30, 2010, Mamoutou said…
Laurence Gilliot est très dynamique et aime vraiment partager ses connaissances en matière de la réponse locale face au VIH et le SIDA partout dans le monde et avec n'importe quelle communauté. Elle voit la pertinence de la complémentarité entre l'EAA (l'Equipe d'Appui et d'Apprentissage face au VIH) et la Constellation qui visent le même objectif et les cibles.
At 4:27pm on October 29, 2010, YERUVA ANTHONY REDDY said…
Thanks for your comment. Your blogs are great, I have been reading them and are very useful for me.
At 1:56am on October 2, 2010, Paula Sampson said…
hope to share more on this.
At 1:54am on October 2, 2010, Paula Sampson said…
Phew! This has indeed been a week filled with much sunshine for me. We have just completed our second round of visits by our coaches Gaston and Usa which saw seven persons being certified. While we are striving for certification, and we embrace our colleges, the personal and work experiences that we were privileged to share superseded expectations of our coaches . For me learning never ceases. Extremely dear to me are the friendships I share . The passion which this process brings has formed its web around us. I guess we no longer have to raise the question "Are we Human?" We work with this in mind.
At 12:15pm on September 20, 2010, YERUVA ANTHONY REDDY said…
Thanks for accepting me as a member. will get in touch with others as suggested.
At 8:40pm on August 27, 2010, CAROL NJERI NDUNGU said…
Thanks and you are welcome
At 12:08pm on July 25, 2010, Tycho Photiou said…
Hi Laurence I am interested in what you might think about the last email that I sent you regarding HIV not being the cause of AIDS?
At 7:23pm on July 1, 2010, Kolomiiets Snizhana said…
Thanks! Yes, working with Elena and many other good people in Moscow.. Look forward....
At 4:09pm on June 15, 2010, Charles Banda said…
Thanks Laurence Gilliot
At 8:12pm on June 14, 2010, Paniti said…
Hi Laurence

I have been graduated already and going to study at Japan in this October for the undergraduate degree. It's great to know that you living not to far away from me but soon it will be so far away (= v =)

Nice to meet you
At 10:24am on June 1, 2010, Rituu B. Nanda said…
Hi Lau,

Liked what your comment to Moushumi- It shows that SALT is not a separate 'project' but that it just means that we change the way we interact with people.


Have a nice day.

At 3:56pm on May 21, 2010, Roli said…
hope this makes u happy!! i told u i m camera shy!!
do tell more about urself and what wonderful work are u involved with?
At 11:03am on May 11, 2010, Roli said…
Hi Laurence,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I will try to find a picture to upload but as I become older here you will realize that I love clicking but hate being clicked.

Hope to read and learn from the inspiring people present on this network.

Kind regards,
At 6:50pm on April 21, 2010, Afsar Syed Mohammad said…
Hi Laurence and Rituu,
Moving to Geneva has been good so far..I am settling down. As part of my training work, I planned a Strategic Planing Workshop for all staff of ILO/AIDS, both in HQ as well as field. This was to happen this week but had to be postponed due to flight disruptions.
I am enjoying my work but do miss my work/colleagues in South Asia, particularly India.
Rituu, hope all is well with you. I am told teh flight situaiton is gettign better now. But If you are able to go via Geneva , pl do so. It will be a pleasure to meet.

warm regards
At 2:58pm on April 21, 2010, Afsar Syed Mohammad said…
Dear Laurence,
Thanks. I am sorry that I could not respond immediately to you. I got too occupied with a number of things and a workshop we were planning.
Look forward to continuing our dialogue, and being part of the community.
warm regards
Mohammad Afsar


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