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At 5:12am on November 5, 2008, rebeka sultana said…
hi, i have been waiting and thought that a discussion will be initiated by you this week so we will share our questions, clarifications, concerns on salt process. I know I have not asked you for this. I need help to know SALT more. How do i do that?
At 1:10pm on October 30, 2008, rebeka sultana said…
dear Marlou, Today I visited your page and that is so cool......a t-shirt in the wash line! I liked it. I heard that you work from kitchen, i can visualize it. You might heard I ama good visualizer!!
sendme pictures of you in the kitchen working.
I have not had any SALT visit yet. Went to Merauke for the workshop. We are planning tohave a SALT visit during second week of November. I am looking forward to it.
At 7:27am on October 29, 2008, Novianty said…
Dear Marlou...

For me it still on the learning process of ACP, i am and local aids commission are preparing local budget for AIDS program including ACP, for local aids commission up here we are try to practice self assessment to see where we are and how we can change together as an organization...O ya, u said there will be a knowledge fair in chiang mai, what is the purpose of that event? is it regular event of constellation?..

At 4:52am on October 29, 2008, Widath said…
Nice to meet U too :)

Finally we can see each other and see U in Chiang Mai :)

Thank you for being my friend and i really enjoy being part of AIDS Competence :)
At 5:25pm on October 28, 2008, Jean-Louis Lamboray said…
A beautiful profile!
At 11:41am on October 28, 2008, Novianty said…
Hi Marlou....

Nice to hear that, u can visit it all the time mom....hehehe, if it is oke to see my itchy face there...hahahaha...

Wow, i think u r very great woman as a General Lieutenant in your home, its hard but if we do it with love everything will be possible..:) (just like i say to laurence)...Oya, last 2 weeks with JL and Lawan was great moment u know, everybody up here still got their spirit on fire even though the program was late for 1 year...lesson learned that i got from JL is he said U NEVER FEEL SALT if u don't practice, so now i am on fire to learn and practice more...

with luv

At 5:03am on October 28, 2008, Harry Kurniawan said…
Hi Marlou. How SALTY you are. It's nice and proud to become one of your friend here. I can feel that sharing and transferring just happend.. :)
At 7:35pm on October 24, 2008, Benyaich Aicha said…
hi you also have a great page Marlou. On my picture I was in Nativity church in Béethlem (Palestine), the star that you see is the place where Jésus Christ was born.
see you soon on ning
take care

At 10:36am on October 22, 2008, MariJo said…
Hi Marlou,
Yes, I feel sunny inside because we are about to start the Blended Learning with BelCompetence. I think that this period of learning together will be the starting point for my team to get in the Constellation.
I talked with Farellia yesterday and I feel good about it.
Thinking of Chiang Mai... for a longer visit! (ha, ha)
At 6:41pm on October 21, 2008, Rituu B. Nanda said…
Hi Marlou,

A pat on the back to Lois. Will wait for the 'next' change.


PS: Lois, miss chatting with you.
At 4:10pm on October 21, 2008, Rituu B. Nanda said…
Hi Marlou,

Love your page- cheerful and bright , and YES, AIDS Competence is worth striving for plus you get a wonderful team as a bonus.


At 7:17pm on October 20, 2008, Judy Payne said…
Hi Marlou - no stories yet, have returned to UK and lots of work. Am processing story ideas in the background...
At 10:25am on October 13, 2008, Novianty said…
Dear Marlou,
i would love to if i have a chance to go there...same as chandra question?When will u visit to Pontianak? Could u tell me where is the most challenging experience (of u) to apply salt concept??
At 10:15am on October 13, 2008, chandra nurhasz said…
ha ha ha,...
it's not bagnak, it's banyak.
thanx anyway.
so u r at chiang may rite now?
when will u visit to pontianak?

At 9:54am on October 13, 2008, chandra nurhasz said…
hi, marlou
great 2 meet u 2.
yes i'm a little part of the salt visit at pontianak.
it's really great to meet a lot of friends in this network.
thanx to all of u who introduce me with this.
pls send my warmest regards 2 ur family....

At 6:48am on October 13, 2008, Saranya said…
I start to appreciate my colleagues who has worked hard during my absence from the office. This is only the start. Still no plan for the study tour yet. Once there is one, I will let you all know how it goes.

Take good care and see you.
At 5:29am on October 13, 2008, Lawan Vejapikul said…
Sure, we are friend already but just in the new community....hehehe (",)
At 3:38am on October 13, 2008, Novianty said…
Dear Marlou,

Thanks to add me as a friend...Hope to see u in real...:)

warm regards from Pontianak
At 12:14pm on June 25, 2008, Laurence Gilliot said…
Nice picture of you :-)
At 12:13pm on June 25, 2008, Laurence Gilliot said…
Hi Marlou,

Regarding the organization of the pictures, it will be powerful if we encourage everyone to create albums to store the pictures. You can click on "All albums" when you are on the Foto page.
I now created an album to store Lawan's pictures for instance.

We should also provide guidelines for the tags so that we can use the search options for the pictures.

What do you think?



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