Dear All,

In Amsterdam a small initiative wanted to organise an expert meeting on inclusion, based on appreciative inquiry. It turned out be be a bigger initiavtive: a world summit. How this summit is organsied is up to the participants. We can all contribute to the design.

I think that the cummunity life competence members have a lot to offer and I would like to invite all of you to think along with us.

You can link up to the facebook account:

World Summit Amsterdam 2012

"INCLUSION" will be the major theme in the World Summit, in August 2012. How do we make people feel welcome and comfortable in our organizations and communities?

best Maaike

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Comment by Dr Rajesh Gopal on September 28, 2010 at 11:39am
The ambience of Amsterdam makes it the ideal place for a global summit on inclusion.

The extant culture of mutual respect,tolerance and growing together beyond a mere 'peaceful coexistence' will
definitely facilitate grand success of INCLUSION.

Regards and best wishes,
Dr.Rajesh Gopal.
Comment by Gaston on September 28, 2010 at 6:00am
Maaike, great to see your sharing and so relevant! Inclusion is the 2nd practice (out of 10) from our self-assessment framework on AIDS Competence. It's extremely important for any community to become AIDS Competent. We have had multiple Knowledge Fairs that bring people together around this practice. We have also built a Knowledge Asset around Inclusion based on experiences of people around the world. See the impressive result including links to the stories here: This is not a standard set of lessons learnt or pages of 'recommendations' you'll see in long reports. This is extracted from people's true experiences in their communities and analysed by these people themselves, not experts.

Please share your feedback on the results and feel free to add to it.



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