Just want to share a small piece which I wrote on this WAD.
on 30th of November just before one day of WAD 2009, I mate one of my advisor and we discuss on lots of issues from INP+ to larger role of PLHIV in over all development and also what action I can take I was very positive and started thinking with bigger frame of mind. When I started back home from his office, I got a call from "Economic Times" journalist, he asked me one question as he want to put some article on WAD. "What is the main problem of PLHIV other than 2nd line treatment?" For a moment I just took a pause and started thinking what are the real issues currently in front of PLHIV?
Is it treatment, is it lively hood, is it disclosure, is it finding partner or stigma (Self and outside) or what?????
Uummmm I am not able to find the answer in that small pause on phone. That question is still in my mind and I am trying to find out the answer for that question. I gave him an answer but deep down I know it was just mechanical answer that answer dose not come from heart which used to come from my heart in past WAD's or any forum where any one can ask any question, even personal questions and I was confidently answering any question without fear and without thinking.
This small WAD question made me think and will keep me reminding in rest of my journey. I don’t know why but I think this question will keep coming in my mind again and again and will keep guiding me in my future action.
I will not give up just because of few corrupt and self centered people in this field.

Because I know answer is lying within me, this is my own fight with myself because today is X tomorrow there will be new Y or Z and I have to play my role because a PLHIV who is at grass root level might not be able to play his/her role with N number of problems and so many above issues.

Today’s trends is, in any HIV program or meeting or WAD, we see very less involvement of PLHIV, and we(PLHIV) are responsible for this, because we have misused our past opportunities and not able to create that space within this larger frame development beyond HIV. Advocacy from community is missing since last three to four years, by PLHIV activist (including me) and also by INP+ which represents lakhs of PLHIV.
HIV Virus in my body is my biggest strength because this virus taught me to look beyond where others vision ends. To think where others can not and to fight where others give up. In this journey life come across with lots of good and bad experiences with lots of people, few people come forward and hold hands and become a part of this journey, few criticized me and gone very far................
Lets fight back and take things in hand, each one of us is having some role, and I think this is the right time, why this is right time because we started asking questions to ourselves that is why this is the right time for me, for you and people like us who is looking answers.

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Comment by Ye Win on December 10, 2009 at 7:14pm
Very Good blog Manoj!
I'd found that at many WAD ceremony in Myanmar, PLH involvement is also very less. This is the point we should notice. Lack of knowledge in general people is very hot problem for PLH ( as my views). So they have very few supports from surroundings and other people. So many problems rise from that issue. So we'll plan for very wide health education program for PLH and general population.
Have a nice day
Ye Win
Comment by Dr Rajesh Gopal on December 8, 2009 at 2:37pm
Beautifully articulated.
Lewt us all work for that.
Best wishes.
Comment by Laurence Gilliot on December 8, 2009 at 9:12am
Dear Manoj,

What would you have answered if the journalist asked you: "What are the biggest strengths of PLHIV?" or
"What are you most proud of?"

I see many strengths in you: self-inquiery and reflection, courage and strength to speak up, care for PLHIV and all of us human beings, sense of leadership.

Thank you a lot for sharing your thoughts :-)



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