Working as a community to ensure clean healthy and sustainable Maluku

From the Constellation 2016 Report, p. 32.

En français dans le rapport 2016, p. 32.


Support team: Maluku Competence

Country: Indonesia

First activities with SALT and CLCP: 2016


Maluku Competence is the local support team of The Constellation in Moluccas (East Indonesia). It was established in July 2016. Marlou de Rouw, Maggie Alfons, Glenn Wattimury and Kees Lafeber joined together to try out the newly developed blended SALT online training. Our team aims to encourage and develop local resources, to improve life conditions. We recognise the importance of local poverty reduction, community empowerment and additional education. Maluku Competence supports and connects communities that are responding to the challenges they are facing. The initiatives we support include 'Green Moluccas', 'Eco Maluku' and 'Rumah Belajar’. Our program for 2017-2020 is based on four pillars:



Various communities including churches, schools, NGOs and governments in Maluku are responding to environmental challenges. They have a dream for healthy and clean villages and they are taking action using the resources at their disposal. They dream about their future and perspectives. “When we are dreaming alone, it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.”



As a team we aim to be:

.....SALTy enough to be a positive influence for our family

.....for our friends and our community and the country where we live

.....using the tools we learned during the CLCP-course, step by step. inspiration for more and new facilitators


Each of us: applying SALT to the issues that touch us

.....alone, sometimes together,

.....aims for a Green and Clean Maluku! We take care of our environment!

.....develops Community Based Tourism!

.....takes care of our friends, family and next generations.


As group of friends, we help and support one another to reach collective dreams and our individual dreams. We move together, each in our own context and keep connecting. Our hands and arms have different shapes and colours. We actively learn from one another’s strengths and carefully listen to each other.



Maluku Competence connects and supports the various community initiatives that lead to clean and healthy villages.

For 2017:

• We are a positive influence to people around us

• We make our community grow

• We access knowledge and resources for innovative waste management

• We link to others with experience. We build supportive networks to share and learn

• We listen to our customers/clients/community’s needs (we are “service-minded”)

• We reflect on our progress and adapt our approach

• We facilitate CLCP processes in the community!

• We have facilities to implement Community Based Tourism around Maluku

• We are a trusted party for citizens, businessman and government for these issues

• We need to find funding for training and accompaniment for SALT facilitators of the Learning Gardens.                    

Prepared by Kees Lafeber

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