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It was indeed a great experience for me. landing on Mizoram is landing on the pool of ACP. people there were amazing, we enjoyed being a citizen for short period yet worthy of time, the untiring volunteers, the teams, the blood donations.
moreover, the echoing children and family members of Prabarkar, Bheri and Bobby, which indeed is chalenging from their part as wel as the family part. when they have time for the people in the world, they dont have time for thier family, when others' wives and children embarace the care and support of their father, they sigh yet with courage for they know it is worthy.
Sir, Sailo was an inspiring citizen, CHAN team was incredible, Fr. Joe was a Champion, Uncle L. Haulai was a Mizo in Mizoram and Naga in Nagaland. and of cours, Rituu was the same old never giveup lady, a strong lady, a lady rather more like a gardiant to all. who came from capital city to keep on encouraging people of the North east.
Active Guigui is now my friend, for she know we need her.
Best thing happen when Rittu once again cought every ones' attention to swap her spell to make us recap our activity during our short yet meaningfull exposure to Mizoram, where every single person started pouring out the best experiences.
then i realise, i was witnessing the sacrifices right infront of my eyes, all the above actions are the noble sacrifices for the people they know and they dont. and most of all the sacrifices of the family back home, child without dad, wives without husbands, parents without childrend.I take this moment to acknowledge every single sacrifices.

through this column, i also wanted to say hi! to all my Naga friends, the flying away Garlant, cool Moa, fricky Aben, Bold and only bold Bazo, Huge yet cute Veki, sincere Jacinta, Tall Mizos darling Avelu, the one and the only Kriebu and boss Haulai. keep the ACP on the Rock! no more formalities! only ACP!

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Comment by Gaston on October 27, 2009 at 3:57pm
Hi Irang,

Good to hear from you again via Ning. I remember our great time in Dimapur. Good to read that the Mizoram event was so inspiring. Keep the inspiration flowing and transfer alive!

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on October 18, 2009 at 1:04am
Hi Irang,

Kinika asi? Bhal asi?

I am very delighted to see your blog. Your passion for ACP is very inspiring. I recall what you said after the first community visit in Dinthar. I want to go back to my village right now and transfer what all I have learnt. Have you started applying ACP tools with the communities? Would love to hear your feedback.

Best wishes for the upcoming Dimapur event. Do well and stay well. Hope to see you pen dozens of motivating stories from the field.

Kalomay !

Warm regards,


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