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WHO ARE WE? The Four Mothers Managing Virtual SALT Training - the preparatory notes

I was so happy and proud to be assigned to facilitate virtual SALT Training for our dear Beyond Social Service Singapore.  The training was conducted for 9 days and split into 3 days per week starting from 17 May until  2 June 2021. For me, it means a lot particularly the side effect of furnishing my English.  I have no doubt to work with any SALT facilitators all around the world since we can easily be connected since we believe in humanity and SALT.  But what? I've got a lot of learning, benefit, and even stronger friendship with my dearest Pinoy Competence friends, Gerlita and Myrna.  As well I have Mamarnita Pohan, whom I would like to share the joy of learning and SALTy experience as we in IndoCompetence find such a challenge to have a vacant facilitator. 

To conduct this training Luc and Marlou and Sirinate briefed us and carried out with training materials and we modified it to fit with our context.  As well I scrolled down  IndoCompetenve's Facebook to look for our dream, and I found the dream we made when the founders and former dit=rector still with us.  the dream was for 2016, some achieved some were failed.  By managing this virtual training, I think we need to reconnect the current facilitator and volunteer to redefine our dream. 

Look at this picture, a photo of us when we did AER for the first day of the virtual training and Gerlita was so happy and amazing how fast we the four mothers catching up and adapt and filling in the gap or roles need when we facilitated the session. She said that even we just had two preparation meetings, it seems to be that we have worked together yearly. I understand something, we all of us trust each of capacity and strength we had. and that is SALT

Yes, the internet connection was up and down and different times between Jakarta and The Philipines made me and Mawar a bit worry about time management and ask participants more time than we have committed previously.  But lucky us that no one sent a sign that training should be ended and just enjoy the shared dream sharing,.

Myrna said that, as a mother, we facilitated virtual training while we feed our kids, serving them with a lot of request as well as sharing her laptop to be used by her son for school exams.  Likewise, Gerlita was taking care of her grandson and served her consumer who bought shrimp paste at the kiosk on her house. In addition to this, Mawar and Myrna were very good at managing connectivity, zoom setting as well as note-taking. For those situations I faced, I feel so blessed and thank all of you. Thanks Ladies you are awesome! 

We still have 7 days to go, and very enthusiastic to explore and learn more. and is closed and connected to our dearest friends at Beyond Social Service Singapore. I do thank you  I have a dream of face to face learning festival where we can personally present and celebrate our learning.  To the Constellation as well thank you!

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on May 22, 2021 at 4:15pm

What a great collaboration between Indonesia and Philippines SALT teams!

Comment by Gerlita Condino-Enrera on May 21, 2021 at 10:15am

Doing this SALT journey with the IndoCompetence provided that needed connection in our "troubled times" ! Listening to all the participants and my fellow facilitators during the three days of the first week reminded me of our vulnerabilities as Human Beings , on top of that we have our Strengths to summon in times when mobility becomes a challenge. When it is easier to give up than look onwards with Love and hope for happier and safer times for all of us!

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