When health worker begins to facilitate SALT

Late in the night I received a message  health worker or ASHA(accredited social health activist) as we call in India. She had facilitated SALT for the first time and enjoyed it and wanted to share the pictures with me. She is Anita from Dharech, Block Theog, Himachal Pradesh, India. We are working with NGO Mamta-HIMC funded by Medtronic Philanthropy on patient centred approach to diabetes and hypertension. 

This what Anita shared:

I think SALT is a very good approach because it helps people open up and share.  For eg patient shared that she loves potatoes but the doctor has controlled the intake. I organised such a meeting for the first time but I could see its power in encouraging people. It is about relating to others like a human being, what they like, what they want.

I had attended a SALT training few days ago. Then last week I attended a SALT meeting in the adjoining village. A large number of  people had come. So when Mamta staff, Rajender and Ramesh came to my village we held the meeting together. I decided to host the meeting in my own home. Everyone was excited to come to my home as we are from the same village. I think they all enjoyed the meeting. At the end we also checked their blood pressure. 

Hosting the meeting at her own home, sharing with me- all signs of ownership and also how much she wants to do for her own village. This ASHA is an inspiring young woman!

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Comment by John Siddham on October 1, 2019 at 12:48am

Thanks for sharing, Rituu. The eagerness and enthusiasm to even host in her own home is amazing!


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