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We needed outsiders to come & ask us our dream!

Kandgaon village builds its common dream for children & youth

Avani Team conducted several SALT conversations in the past few months in Village Kandgaon, Maharashtra, India. the project is supported by Global Fund for children.

On 4th April, the team invited the local elected leader, a female Sarpanch, local grassroot level workers, Men, mothers, grandmothers, children, and adolescents to weave their dream for children and youth.  

They listened to and cheered each other. Men urged for organic farming for the health of the children, and women wanted children to get educated. Boys are concerned about the environment, and girls want an equal place in the community- we want to be economically independent.

The headmaster got emotional, we need to do this in the school. An 11-year-old girl said I am very happy with this process, adults need to listen to us, and children need to have a say in the functioning of the village. The elected female head assured that she will involve children in future conversations. The aanganwadi workers said that we have been doing what we are trained, we have never thought what we could do for our village. this process has shown us the way.

As I said goodbye, one of the grandmas approached me and appreciated the process. She commented that it took outsiders to come and ask us what is our common dream. We should have done it on our own years ago.

Dr Balaram from nearby district and Rupa and Deepa from nearby Village Nandwal encouraged the villagers to work towards their dream. Ravi sat with the children and urged them to dream big. The event was facilitated by Vikrant, Jayshri  and Koushalya.

Concluding Reflection- Ex-President of India. -- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam gives us the reason why we need to dream- "You have to dream before your dreams can come true." 

Photos courtesy: Koushalya and Dr Balaram

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