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The Case of a 15 yr old HIV positive Child....

Today I stood by the bedside of a 15 yr old girl who is dying from HIV/AIDS and I tried to get her to take her ARVS/MEDS which will help to make her feel better and she just couldn't swallow the medication; she then puked saying that its the 'bitterness' of the tablet that makes her nauseous and I felt so HELPLESS because I can't do nothing more for her; its the Medication that will help at this stage of her ILLNESS! Then I stood by the window and stared up into the Sky perhaps in silent plea to the Creator as to why should a 15 yr old be infected with HIV/AIDS; however I knew the answer because this child has been struggling with HIV since Birth!!! Please say a Prayer for all the Children suffering with this 'Incurable' disease! I pray that a REAL CURE be found by the Scientists in 2012!

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