When we work in teams over long periods of time, we will not always be in "sync". There comes a time when some or all members of the team see things differently. The most important part of keeping the team together is communication.

My team was recently tested when I thought that we were not working at the same pace or the same level. And so I decided that I need to be SALTy and Stimulate a discussion so that we can get past this little bump. I thought that I was not going fast enough and maybe I was being pushed a little too hard on some things, but this was not the case, I mistook passion for "speeding ahead" and felt intimidated, somewhat. Then after talking with my team mate and understanding that it was her passion and nothing else I felt better and became motivated to go on and add my own passion as well... I'm happy that we did this because it is our challenges that make us stronger and bring us closer together as human beings.

I stimulated the discussion and we both appreciated each other's views, we learnt from the experience and motivation and encouragement was transferred.

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Comment by Gaston on November 21, 2011 at 7:42am

Hi Nadia. I recognize that creative tension in my experience. Sometimes, I am so fired up and energetic and this sometimes might intimidate the community I am stimulating dialogue in. There is no blueprint for this apart from trying to 'read' the community members. How at ease are they with this? Should I perhaps let silence happen for 5 seconds and see what happens without feeling discomfort? 

And one of the best things is to do an After Action Review and invite some of the community members (2-3) to join the conversation and discuss such things together and how to improve. 

Comment by Tricia Francis on November 18, 2011 at 9:26pm

we are all tested at times and knowing how to approach and over come it on the human level makes you very SALTY Nadia Salick, ( i like ) and thank You Very much <3 <3


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