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Anisha, Ángela, Marina, Néstor, Mariona, Mohamed, Marta, Irene, Ayan, Noelia, Isabel and Gemma have already shared their story during their lockdown experience.

Their stories and others that are on the way are in this Youtube channel:

These videos are inspired by the Behind the Mask project with the intention to offer people in Spain a space to share their experiences. Many people were feeling that this was the time to do so. We started just before our lockdown measures where became more flexible. Tomorrow we start our phase 1 in Spain where we will be able to see people other that the ones you live with (if you do). 

People who have received the videos have felt inspired by the 3 stories. Many hesitate to participate as to be filmed and shared remains a big step! But we keep inviting! Some of the people filmed said the enjoyed the experience of challenging themselves to do this and contribute to the continuity of the videos.


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