In the main bus stand of a bustling town in Koppal district, a woman was lying in a corner. She was weak and emaciated, covered in sores. She just lay there, did not have the strength to even swat away the mosquitos which were hovering around her.

A small crowd of people were gathering around her, this included some of the Samraksha team. Gradually a discussion started about who she was and what could be done. Someone identified her as living in a nearby village, another also shared that she was HIV positive, and hence had been sent out of her house. In fact her relatives had dropped her, in a very sick condition there. Gradually the group of people decided that a lady should not be left in such a pitiable condition in the bus stand. One person spontaneously took out some money to contribute for her support, others followed suit. The women in the group decided to take her home, so that she could wash and dress herself.

Some of the auto drivers in the bus stand offered to take her to her village. Other people in the group said she should not go alone, and decided to accompany her. They reached her village, and went to her home to speak to the family. The family was reluctant to take her in, they said the landlord had warned them that if she was in the house, they could all vacate the house. The group also spoke to the landlord, and finally ensured that she could live in the village again.

This was a very inspiring instance of how a group of people, totally unrelated to each other, just spontaneously came together to support someone, because they beleived it was the right thing to do.

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Comment by Jean-Louis Lamboray on August 10, 2010 at 2:31pm
Many thanks for this story.
That people can act in solidarity even when they are totally unrelated is the source of hope for humankind!


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