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Special Bulletin on actions by communities of the Regional Confidence Project at Diécké.

Korohouon Two major actions were completed in the feasible action plan of the Korohouon community:

  1. A piece of land already acquired with a few piles of sand and gravel for the construction of a health post. The acquisition of the land, according to the sector head, was a consensual decision of all the communities during an assembly.

The sector head tells the reasons for this dream: "When we have cases of illness or a pregnant woman at work or a serious case of injury, we are obliged to transport the person on a motorcycle to Diécké located roughly at 15 km. And if you can not move the person, you have to send a biker to Diécké looking for a health worker. "

  1. The choice / relocation of a new market by the entire community following the increase of the population. This also prevents some families from displaying their treats, said the district chief. The cleanliness of cakes and cookies are new practices observed.

Baala Two highlights were observed in Baala:

The cleanliness of the surroundings and inside the health post. This action is the joint effort of the women in the community who periodically clean the surroundings and the matrons of the post who clean the floor and walls inside the health post.

The matron says, "I am proud of our health post. Before, we were in a hurry to leave after a job. But after being organized by the head of cleaning services, we take enough time sitting chatting even after working hours, because we feel the good air flow thanks to the cleanliness of the premises "

The other point reported by Rosaline Gamy: "Our village was very dirty because of the pigs. They dragged their defecations everywhere in the village. In addition, when you forget a food outside, they put their mouths in it. After several meetings from September to November, it is at the beginning of December 2017 that all pig holders have agreed to put the pigs behind fences. Any pork found outside will be shot by young people chosen for the cause. So today, all pigs are in fences. At least one step is taken in the cleanliness of the village. "

Naapa In the presence of the village officials as well as the notables, they announced the progresses that the village has made, in particular:

  1. Drilling repairs and lowering the price from 500 to 100 FG for a bucket of water can ensure that all families benefit from drinking water.
  2. The majority of families were able to dig a septic tank to avoid bushland defecation and those of children next to the houses.
  3. To prevent vendors in the weekly market from defecating in the open, the community has granted land to market officials for the construction of latrines. On-going action.
  4. Each neighbourhood of the village has now a garbage dump, that has made rubbish disappear next to the concessions.
  5. The leaders moved earth and sky and did everything from Conakry to N'Zerekore, through Yomou for years; finally, early January, a health worker was transferred to manage the health post. According to the village chief, it's a real pride for 2018.

The little story of the president of the women club: "Wherever we went before, we found the defecation of children around the houses. Thank God, the presence of septic tanks in each family has corrected this practice. I am very happy for that. "

In conclusion: Let us remember that with the three communities visited, each made at least two activities included in their Feasible Action Plans. Actions that we enjoyed and encouraged.


Done on January 10th 2018.

Kolie Ouo-Ouo Alain, Tinkisso

Joseph Koivogui, Constellation

Translation into English- Luc Barriere Constantin

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Comment by Marie Lamboray on February 6, 2018 at 11:10am

Thank you Joseph!

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