SMART contributes to the ‘T’ of SALT: Transfer / Transformation

Transfer begin with ‘mindset change’ with ‘S’ of SALT during the stimulation process. People begin to think differently; A different Way of Thinking [WoT]. Evidence of this is obvious when members of communities engage in conversations of Are we human? What makes us Human?; Identifying strengths and sharing common concerns and hopes, leading to a common dream. Members of these communities are motivated by these engagements.


During this period, there is learning which leads to action. This phase is considered our learning which influences, in us, a different way of Working [WoW]. Transformation within self and eventually, communities are taking place. This collective actions [WoW] is further influenced during the Self-Assessment phase when communities identify where they are on the scale of competence [levels 1-5] and then, where they would want be within a certain time period [short, medium or long term]. Here is where the SMART concept is best applied. The movement from the level where we are now to where we want to be is delineated by a SMART action plan for each practice. SMART: S - Specific; M - Measurable; A - Appropriate; R - Realistic; T - Time bound.


S - refers to specific actions that can take us from one level to the next;


M - that these actions must be measurable;


A - the actions must be appropriate to achieving the next level and to the common dream;


R - the actions must also be realistic in nature;


T - the action must take place within some time frame.

Following are links to some SMART actions plans where communities take ownership for their self development in responsible ways:


Carre d’As:

A small community of 15 families on the west coast of Mauritius considered marginalized and vulnerable. Le Pont du Tamarinier supports this community to acquire homes and to develop ways of building stronger families. Leading up to the SMART plan the community did a collective dream and identify practices [big steps or stepping stones] to accomplish their common dream.


Stepping stones / SMART actions

Who will lead this action

When will this action be completed

How do we know we have completed this action

What are some special consideration needed to complete this action

We care and sustain a healthy environment

Clean up campaign

Delphine and Crystal

August 22

Pictures and After Experience Reflection on August 25


We have an effective and harmonised community

Bring and Share

Crystal and delphine

September 05

Pictures and After Experience reflection on September 08


We have an education support system that offers great opportunity for our children

Survey to get understanding of how parents

can provide greater support especially to

primary school children

Delphine with support from Autry and LPDT staff

September 30

Survey report

The idea is to stimulate families

spending quality time with their

young ones. Autry to help with design of questionnaire. Delphine

and Maeva will fill questionnaire.

There are only 15 families in this

community that makes this easy to manage

We look for opportunities for strengthened economy and savings within our community

Training on economizing our home budget

Crystal and LPDT staff

October 10

After Experience Report; training report and pictures


Lalmatie is a small village in north east Mauritius where a group of women is very concerned about alcoholism within their community and wanted to do something about it. They met informally and eventually got the attention of  EtoileD’esperance an NGO working on rehabilitation and reintegration of women with drug addiction. Effort was made to engage the women of Lalmatie on local response to take ownership for their common concern.


Challenge: How can we effectively stimulate measured SMART actions towards our dream?”

Desired result: ““By November 2015, we stimulate measured SMART actions towards our dream “Happy families which respect and love each other, living in a peaceful environment including our religious beliefs and where individuals can realize their full potential


Our Leaders identified and our group has a name;

A concert to publicize our dream and purpose accomplished;

An activity for children accomplished;

An activity for adults accomplished;

An engagement with persons affected by alcohol accomplished;

Self-assessment conducted


Person responsible

Date of completion of each activity

Resources needed

Building trust within ourselves and our community

Identify Leaders and a name for the group

Team members

Week of August 10, 2015

Time of team and members of each community

Concert to publicize the dream and purpose of our group

Team members

October  2015

Time of team

Work in Communities

Stimulate work with children of Lalmatie

Team members

November 2015

Time of team

Engage persons affected with alcohol to stimulate support

Team members

November 2015

Time of team

Activity for adults

Team members

November 2015

Time of team

Cultivating willingness towards our dream


Team members

November 2015

Time of team

Poste Lafayette:

Here too is a marginalized village in Mauritius who engaged SALT in a way to improve the lives of families by aspiring to “raise mature adults with the children starting from providing better daycare service for their  babies.”


Stepping stone

SMART Action

Where are we?

We have a community centre and playground to encourage our youths

Acquire land from Government

Some families have to be relocated. A place for these families to be relocated to has to be identified and agreed to by the Honourable Minister responsible. This is also true for the land for the One-Stop Community center comprising a youth learning and development component with kintergarden and dayare services. An area for the Community center is identified.

Marianne will engage with the respective Ministries for a conversation with community members in Poste Lafayette. During that engagement the places for homes and community center will be shared with the respective Ministry and agreed to.

In the meantime, however, the core group members have planned activities as part of these two stepping stones in an effort to stay motivated and inspire others.

[1] a day of football for kiddies [ages 7-12 yrs] will be held on Saturday June 04, 2016 at the play field.

[2] Family bring-and-share on the beach or convenient place for strengthening families, sharing the community dream and stepping stones that were developed. Further discussion on this activity will determine the most appropriate date for this event.

[3] We know we are by also knowing our bio-data. Guyline and Joanne will lead the acquisition of data to understand distribution of families in terms of age and gender. There is information on children age 1-16 yrs in terms of male and female distribution. Information will be acquired for the post 16 yrs age group of families.

We have houses with basic amenities we can call home with happy families

We get electricity and water installed in homes of 12 families

We have a mini market / bazaar to supply community needs

Permit has to be renewed

The permit was renewed and a place for the bazaar was identified!

Devi has to do design ‘stands’ from which to sell from. Guyline and carpenter will determine materials need and seek support for same. The men of the community will contribute with the construction of the ‘stands’.

Devi will also make a list of vegetables / greens and other items to sell. The bazaar should begin by the end of June 2016. Support will be sought for start-up capital.

We have bus shed providing comfort for residents while the venture in family welfare

Construct a bus shed

Although the bus shed is considered a not so high a priority, there was consensus that it is a do-able project which can inspire others and keep motivation high as an accomplishment.

Guyline and Joanne will identify person[s] with capacity to design the shed and ascertain quantities [materials].

Support will be sought for the materials and the men of the community will contribute labour for the construction.

Design and quantities will be accomplished by end of June 2016.

Learning, Sharing and linking with other communities

We  link with other like-minded communities to share and to learn

Resulting from the Mauritius Learning Festival a group of local facilitators with others from institutions such as MACOSS, Le Pont du Tamarinier, Kinuouete, Groupe Renaissance de Mahebourg, Flacq Coeur d Ville and Chrysalide met to explore how could SALT be sustainable in Mauritius.

This group has a dream to achieve their pursuit and as part of that pursuit is seeking to link with communities that engages SALT with respect to local response. In this respect an invitation was extended to Poste Lafayette for a ‘community conversation.’

Members agree in principle for this engagement and will decide on an appropriate date before the end of June 2016. Guyline will take lead in this venture.

Lacaz A:

Lacaz A: An NGO in central Port Louis, Mauritius worked with homeless and others to provide a space for healthy living by providing meals and counseling. In this SMART plan, individual members identified what each can do to demonstrate love for self, families and those around them within the NGO space.


Practice : We love ourselves We look after our health, regain self-confidence, trust  and love for our own self and families




HOW do we know


Stop taking alcoholic drinks


December 2016

Lakaz A & friends will witness


Have to go to the hospital


Before 8 September, 2016

Accompanied by somebody from Lakaz A

Medical Report/ Attendance card


Have to go to the hospital


To-morrow 2.9.16

Attendance card

Lakaz A will monitor


Return within  the family


End of January 2016

Lakaz A will work on 1st contact with other members of the family


Must avoid smoking and alcohol to improve my health


Sop completely by end of December, 2016

Friends at lakaz A will witness


Stop taking alcoholic drinks


10 January, 2017

Friends and Lakaz A will witness


Holidays in Rodrigues


23 September, 2016

Friends and SEL


Complete Medical Check-up


End of October, 2016

Will submit copy of medical report to Lakaz A


Reduce family chores ( from children and grand children) to avoid fatigue and aloow more time for myself


October, 2016

Report in SEL weekly meeting

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