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Gender Transformative change through SALT

Priyanka, who lives in Nandwal, has spent her days in hardship since her childhood because her mother died when she was young and her father remarried. Stepmother did not give Priyanka motherly love at all. She tormented and tortured Priyanka a lot. She did not give importance to her education either. Priyanka has a step-brother. Her stepmother gave more importance to her son's education than Priyanka . After 10th class, Priyanka wanted to study, but her stepmother married Priyanka because it was more important to educate her son than spending money on Priyanka's education.

SALT begins healing

Priyanka married into a joint family. Since her husband's father death, Priyanka's husband, mother-in-law used to live with uncle and aunt. After marriage, her husband's aunt used to trouble Priyanka a lot. I had a SALT conversation with her. She cried a lot while SALT conversation because no one had spoken to her with love and affection since childhood. No one had ever tried to know her feelings. Feeling motivated, she persuaded her mother-in-law and her husband to live separately. Now when Sagar's aunt scolded her she remained aloof.

SALT stimulates small actions

 SALT conversations made her very happy because she realised that she had capability to do something on her own. She felt the burden on her mind was lightened by SALT conversations. I met Priyanka 4 to 5 times, so a friendship developed between us.

Priyanka had to face financial problems due to separation. Husband's salary was not enough. Since Priyanka also had less education, she did not know where to go and what to do. We brainstormed alternatives, after which Priyanka started doing self-cooking work at the four houses. She is running her life with the money earned from this, she is also educating her daughter in the school. Priyanka is working hard with the dream of educating girls and getting them employed in good places.

What did I learn as a SALT facilitator

From this I learned that a person can do anything if encouraged and helped to realise the strengths. The woman who used to never step out of the house has changed so much that she dares to teach girls on her own earnings because she felt she could do something. She was not useless. I learned this bravery from her. And another thing, Priyanka's daughter herself was coming and telling me “Didi my mommy is going to teach me now because of your explanation about how education is important so I am very happy.

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