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Connection between 4 generation... Connection Between SALT.....

Imran, Shahrukh and I (from Avani NGO)  visited the women members of a family from four generations on 27th Jan in the village of Nandwal, Kolhapur District, India. As we appreciated and listened to them, they shared the difficult situations they had tackled but not shared with anyone even their family members. There were moments of joy, moments of tears. We build a very strong bond we did not realise that we had spent more than two hours together.

  • Results of the SALT Visit :

All the generations shared openly with us and each other. the young granddaughter was able to share the taboos around the relationship between boys and girls in their community in presence of her mother and grandmother. They realised their own strengths and each others strengths. The visit strengthened the connection between the family members and also build a strong relationship with us. The granddaughter who is in grade Vth said that she will study hard as she has realised the importance of education through the conversation. Other family members encouraged her that it is equally important for girls to study as for boys.
The young girl asked us if we could have a similar conversation with her group of friends. This shows that she liked our visit.

  • Lesson Learned :

SALT home visit allowed us to meet the different generations of a family. Working with families is crucial if we want community to take ownership of gender equality and act on it.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on August 9, 2022 at 7:49am

Wonderful Jayshri. What was the result of this meeting?

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