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SALT will nurture children from a small plant to a big tree

Training on SALT Activity was organized by Avani Organization for school children in Nandwal village. About 15 children in age group of 7 years to 17 years old took part in dream building.

At the time of SALT Activity, the children shared the best experiences of their lives.

What we saw / felt in the children while facilitating

1) Children need to work on the issue of gender equality, because the mentality of parents in every village should change. Due to this, if there is awareness among the parents about this, the next generation will also be able to do it. Such thoughts were felt in the children's speech. - Vikrant Jadhav

2) After the children shared a story about their own life, they shared each other’s strengths and their own strengths. They said that they had not realized their own strength before. They want to bring about a change in the village but they cannot do it by themselves. They will need help of adults.
For eg The children are aware of the violence being perpetrated on women in the village and they want to take action but feel helpless as no one listens. Children are worried about mental health of the children and there has been a case of suicide by a young person in the village.- Shahrukh Atpade

3) It seems important for children to talk to their parents for change. Because they are trying to start any change on their own For this, children need to talk openly with their parents. As there is a high rate of suicide among teenagers, children need to raise awareness in the village. - Jayashree Kamble.

4) The children were very curious, the feeling of helping each other was very sincere and selfless. The children will definitely take this SALT but we will have to be in constant touch as the children are young. These children are a small plant, they will be transformed into a big tree through SALT. – Imran

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