On May 12th 2011 at a one-day Training Session, which was held with the Social Workers, Counselor and Leaders of Support Groups on AIDS Competence, the participants were drawn from 13 Treatment Sites across Guyana.


The training was geared to empower persons living with HIV, Social Workers, Nurses along with TB personnel who are involved in the care and treatment of PLWA.


The way of Thinking was introduced to the participants through topic:  “ARE YOU HUMAN”.

 Following, are some of the explanations given to that effect.  Also the QUOTE was used [WHO AM I] and [WHO YOU ARE].




(i)                  My ability to accept that, to be human is to make mistake and correct same.

(ii)                The inner man in me that tells me that I am, makes a difference in some

one’s life.

(iii)               Being conscious of my spiritual values, hold.

(iv)              Ability to understand a person’s feelings

(v)                At time I could be very nasty

(vi)              As an individual thinks, treats and appreciates, accepts every individual as human.

(vii)             Making mistake, having basic needs and having emotion.

(viii)           I have dominion over the fowls/birds of the air.

More in the report: On%20May%2012th%202011.doc

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