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SALT recognized the STRENGTHS of community

Hi everyone, we (Dheeraj and Nityam) from Rural Aid NGO work with support from Global Fund for Children is in Alipurduar District, Kalchini block (State of West Bengal, India). We work in the tea gardens on the issue of trafficking and child labour. We recently start using group SALT in our work among the community.

On date 02.12.21, we have organised the group SALT among the different categories of community such as with Panchayat member, SHG worker, Tea garden workers, and parents of  adolescent children of Bhatpara A tea garden.  During the SALT process, we have experienced different strengths from the proud stories shared by the community. 

The strengths we have observed were:

  1. Social minded
  2. Helping to the needy one.
  3. Great housewife to love and caring for the families members.
  4. Determination for the ambition.
  5. Kind hearted and supportive to people who are in sickness.
  6. Leadership capacity
  7. Lead the advocacy role for benefits of their community and students.
  8. Hardworking with positivity.

Reflection from the SALT, the community were so delighted to know each other strengths though it was their first experience of SALT among themselves. The community have understood and tasted how SALT works to know each other positive strengths and build a more bonding. They also assured us to share the SALT (proud story) to their family members, co-workers in work place and friends. We are in ahead to follow up the community in next meeting.

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