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A short proud story from the life of 45 years old woman, who is also a member of SHG at Bhatpara tea garden.

Hi everyone, I’m Nityam Ghosh. I work with Rural Aid NGO with support from Global Fund for Children is in Alipurduar District, Kalchini Block, State of West Bengal, India. We work in the tea gardens on the issue of trafficking and child labour.Here is story from my SALT visit in blog.

When we had SALT conversation, she shared one of best proud story from his life that which literally touch my heart. It was a story six year ago, she helped and support the one of 19 years old girl through the money for the medical treatment which her husband had given amount to keep with her. The girl who was very helpless and suffering from worst conditions due to illness diseases, where she needs of financial for treatment herself. Hence, with such situation of her, she gave the money to that girl for her treatment without consent of her husband. While, a few days later, when her husband asked about the amount, she revealed all the story about helping the girl for medical treatment to her husband. After listening from her, her husband was also happy and proud of her the deed she has done help the girl who is in dire needs for medical treatment.

* Insight Strengths were;
I. Social minded
II. Kind hearted and merciful.
III. Positivity on thoughts for others.
IV. Always ready to help and support others.
V. Smartness and Caring

* Reflection: She revealed that, "she will continuously help other people who are in need till she live on this earth without ceasing"
Through this SALT conversation, I had stimulated, encourage and reflects her strengths to herself. She was so inspired and said to me that she continue to help others and encourage others to do the same.

From her SALT, it build bonding relationship and help us to fulfill the goal of organization in future.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on February 7, 2022 at 8:53pm

I really like your conclusion, Nithyam "Through this SALT conversation, I had stimulated, encourage and reflects her strengths to herself. "

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