My organisation PGS (India) for past several years has been working to end bonded labour and human trafficking for a long time. Recently from 25th to 27th April we got training in SALT after which we trained our block level staff in the approach.

Actually SALT approach is proving to be very powerful. Through this approach, communities are coming forward to share their experiences and thoughts openly. They are realising their strengths, and based on their strengths are getting ready to address their own concerns. Community members have also begun to propose solutions to their own issues.

In our work sites, through SALT visits on 22nd May, 25th May and 1st June in three different blocks our staff and communities are very enthusiastic. The communities have decided that they will use their strengths to address their concerns. In order to achieve this decision has been taken to conduct SALT visits. During SALT visits doing home visits has been even more beneficial. The communities subsequent to the home visits came for the group meetings, actively participated and openly shared their views.

SALT approach is very useful for me and my team. Many of my team members including me have used SALT in our personal lives and found positive and miraculous results. I have become more appreciative of my wife. I appreciate what she does for our family, her cooking, keeping the home clean etc. One result is that she is cooking even more delicious meals and I am in danger of putting on weight!

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Comment by Marie Lamboray on July 1, 2016 at 4:36pm

Traduction d'un extrait:

L’approche SALT est très utile pour moi et mon équipe. Beaucoup des membres de mon équipe, moi y compris, ont utilisé SALT dans leur vie personnelle. Ils  ont obtenu des résultats positifs et miraculeux. Je suis devenu plus attentif à ma femme. Je lui exprime mon appréciation pour ce qu'elle fait pour notre famille, sa cuisine, garder la maison propre, etc. Un des résultats est qu'elle cuisine des repas encore plus délicieux et je suis en danger de prendre du poids!

Comment by Marie Lamboray on July 1, 2016 at 4:31am

I enjoyed very much your punchline...! Thank you Subedar!


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