Our level 5 when clear takes us to our dream

Our level 5 when clear, means we are better able to measure progressively our journey towards our dream

This is our dream “Fairly competent as SALT facilitators contributing to making better societies.” Our journey towards the dream began when we created a safe space of trust where we identified who we really are. We understand why we are proud, that we also had similar concerns and hopes.

What are we most proud of? 

Esther “proud of being a woman, social worker and ability to overcome [the] past and use it like a motivating factor to young girls.” While Paul is proud of “....his ability to negotiate access into communities and engaging community members and the fact that he is from Nso.”

Some concerns:

  • The future (equality, freedom, education) of women and children 
  • That others especially orphans do not suffer
  • Social inclusion
  • Single mothers break the barrier of I can’t make it again in life because I have a child and see so many deprived kids in her community.

 Our hope during this SALT Program

  • To become saltier and really learn how to respect community views and engage them in a better way.
  • to acquire good leadership skills that will enable her to relate better with people in her community
  • Gain knowledge on better tuning a non for profit organization. 
  • to support those in need and also appreciate what comes out of them
  • to gain more skills in engaging community sessions 


Where are we now with respect to our level 5

Our action has become natural


Improved Education/Inclusive education 

Level 3 [We act Consciously]

There are policies put in place to assure the quality of Education and inclusive education but the implementation is poor.  For instance the government encourages inclusive education but no single public school has an elevator for those on wheelchairs and just a few have ramps.  

Education is tailored towards the training of relevant skills in high demand taking into consideration the inclusion of persons living with special needs thereby ensuring social inclusion.  

Improved corporate social responsibility 

Level 4 [We act systematically]

Actions are continuously being put in place to provide some services to the community. For instance Cho Ngafor F donating hand wash buckets in public places

Enterprises/organization and individuals providing physiological needs to the community free of charge as a social responsibility for instance community water points.  

Encourage self appreciation 

Level 4 [We act systematically]

All our actions are tilted towards encouraging and bringing out the best version of us/ our beneficiary

Community members are valuing themselves and work hard to portray those attitudes that needs to be appreciated first by self, hence instilling self evaluation as a habit 

Usage of local focal persons 

Level 4 [We act systematically]

Our entry point into the community is through local authorities and community members that can create access to our target group

Community leaders are responsible for sourcing solutions for their community challenges together with the community members.

Clear feedback mechanism 

Level 3 [We act Consciously]

Our response mechanism is not yet well developed. We act sporadically depending  on the situation

Community members/ beneficiaries give in their feedback with very little to no complications. 

Applicable Monitoring and Evaluation strategies 

Level 3 [We act Consciously]

Our Strategies are basic and not really organized as such. 

Projects are executed and resources well utilized due to proper follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of targets and indicators.

We identified our practices, described our level 5 then through a self-assessment process we understand where we are. As we progress to attaining the level 5, we know we are achieving our dream.


A SALTy engagement by the Cameroon TEAM

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Comment by Paul Verdzekov on May 24, 2022 at 8:07pm

Autry thanks for capturing the moments. Nice article 


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