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We are making progress as we take ownership and responsibility in sustainable ways is the theme of the SALT visit.

The Go Girls project takes place in Cameroon, India, Ghana, Kenya and India.

One of the Virtual SALT Visits was held during June 2022. Here is a snippet of that experience. (^_^)

Participants: Marlou, Dolores, Autry, Wiwin, Widad, Comfort, Aaliyah, Fanet, Isabela, Ornella, Rituu, Miel, Marie, Ismael, Doreen, Paul, Helen, Rose, Eva, Ruswandie and Jojo

Facilitated by Aaliyah and  Autry.

The SALT Visit experience

We were fortunate to listen to testimonies from Cameroon related to the impact of SALT/CLCP helping communities becoming a part of the solution and in support for supplies of sanitary pads for young girls.

See testimony here

We listened to testimonies from Kenya, L’Africana community members who overcame being drug addicts and who have become facilitators. See testimony here

In Indonesia a facilitator shared how being an effective facilitator means being immersed into the community not as an expert but as a community member. See testimony  here. IndoCompetence has also expressed immense benefit from the shared experiences. 

 Lessons from the SALT Visit

  • ‘Taboo on sexuality’ is  emerging as an important  issue in many cultures. How to address this collectively therefore needs that type of conversation.
  • Evidence that SALT/CLCP are part of helping communities being a part of the solution.

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