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SALT activity was taken with men in Vashi village, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. 8 to 10 men were talking with me.

In the beginning, I went to them and asked them for a little time.
In the start, those people told about the village and about themselves, and then they told about their fields. After that, when I asked them to remember the good deeds done in their life. Everyone shared their story. in everyone’s story, one thing was common, that they all belong to a farmer family. They all went to the farm when they were young.
All men's shares their story, and they said one common thing that is when they all were young their economic condition is very poor. At that time no fast life, no jobs, no competition takes places in society.

They shared that in their childhood  when they were very hungry, their mother, grandmother and father would eat small lumps of soil and continue to work. And when there was surplus food, they cooked a large meal they would it eat it throughout the day and even the next day. There was no different food for breakfast, lunch and dinner There was a lot of difficulty at that time, but there was also a lot of happiness. The whole family lived together, ate together, slept together, and solved every problem together.

They all said that there are a lot of changes in their family and also in society now. Right now the whole world is moving forward very fast. But everyone needs to get rid of the race now, needs time, so that everyone can talk to each other and meet. He said that today we remember the old age and think that the old age was better. Because at that time, we were not running for money, we were eating ourselves in the field, and now the world is growing faster. That's why we don't have time to talk to each other.
Similarly, there was some conversation and that said that it was nice to meet you and it was very nice to talk to you.


1.Today we feel very good by remembering the old days.

2. We would like to participate in any further discussion.

Slowly, I will bring the people in the village together.

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