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My little help makes someone very successful

I decided to take the SALT of one woman in vashi village. The name of that woman is sarika (name is changed) . When I went to her home That woman had come from her farm at that time. We introduced each other after I started the SALT.

A woman from a simple family. But after meeting her, it seemed from her speech that she could talk a lot, say a lot. I was asked about the one good thing she had done in her life. At that time he started telling without taking any time.

I passed 12th and wanted to study further. But education was not very important in those days. Girls get married early. After my 12th exam I got married in the next one and a half. I was 17 at that time. During that time, child marriages were taking place. So I couldn't have any dreams as a girl.

After marriage I got involved in married life. After some years of marriage, my friends contacted me on the phone and invited me to an alumni meet. I could not go to that event But there was an incident in that event that made everyone remember me.

One of the students did not attend that program because he is working in America. He contacted me by phone and he remembered me. He told his story to all students in the alumni meet program. Sarika helped the boy when he wanted to study 11th and 12th but he didn't have money to buy textbooks, notebooks. After that help Sarika got married and later she never inquired about how much the boy had learned because she was engaged in her married life. But that boy remembered Sarika and her help after many years. This makes sarika feel very proud.

That boy said “sarika helped me a lot. And today I have reached here because of her.” Everyone praised me in the class but I was not present at the event. I was very surprised when I came to know about this. And I'm very happy too. I was reminded of a long time ago. I am very glad that my help was useful.

I was not able to fulfil my dream of education but I was very proud to hear that a classmate of mine is so successful today because of my help. This incident has also boosted my confidence a lot as I am going to teach both my children and make them self-reliant so that my children will fulfil my unfulfilled dream.


1. Today the old memories got light. Felt very good. And because of this I could see the good qualities in me. It was great to share my experiences.

2. From our experiences our children would learn many things and it is good for their future.

- Before this she had never discussed anything like this. So they could share some of their experiences.

- she would like to share things like this. She likes salt activity.

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