My Life, My Choice (MLMC) Program in Picture and Rhyme: Hindi & English

MLMC Program in Pictures and Rhyme:

The objective of the My Life, My Choice (MLMC) Program is to reduce the vulnerability to HIV of adolescent girls in the age-group 10-19, in two districts of Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh each.The program components are are:

We see the components of the program not as unconnected parts, but rather as a cohesive whole, with each component equally weighted, and connected together through the Competence Process, as shown in the poem:

MLMC Program - सपना की कहानी

एक गाँव का नाम ABC
जिस में लड़की सपना थी
उसको बोहुत जोखिम था
हमने लिया सेफ स्पेस (Safe Space)
हमने दिया कौशल
ऊपर आया विश्वास
हम ने किया रेफेरल
नाराज़ हुआ डॉक्टर
हमने दिया ट्रेनिंग (Health Service Provider)
समझदार हुआ डॉक्टर
तैयार हुई सपना
पति बोला अपना
हमने किया BBC
Supportive हुआ ABC
ख़तम हुआ लिंग-भेद
बन गयी सपना self -made
पैसा चाहे सपना
हमने किया ट्रेनिंग (Financial Literacy )
खाता में आया पैसा
सपना ने देखा जैसा

MLMC Program: The story of Sapna

In the village of ABC
Lived a girl called Sapna
Vulnerable, she was;
A 'safe space' we got
Where Life-skills we taught,
Up went her confidence
We did the referrals (two)
Angry became the doctor
A training then we did (Health Service Provider)
Sensible became the doctor
Ready became Sapna
"Yours" said her husband
Then we did BCC
Supportive became ABC
And broke their gender-norms
Sapna became self-made
Money did Sapna want
We did another training (Financial Literacy )
In an account she saved
Money she had dreamt.

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