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My Experiece at ASSAM KNOWLEDGE FAIR with The Assam SALT Team working with Immunization and other Issues.

The ASHA's despite of a mere incentive from their activities, the enthusiasm and and dedication in bringing the concept of SALT in the community with other issue other  than immuzation is really wonderful. 
The involvement of health departments including the Block Community Mobilizer and District Community Mobilizer in the Knowledge Fair will give a positive impact on SALT process in the next phase of the project. Which will also help in sustainable programme even when SALT Project is finished. 
The support of Voluntary Health Association Assam VHAA and CNES their ideas on SALT process makes effective implementation in the SALT Facilitators/Team. 
The Concept and understanding of SALT with the ASSAM SALT Facilitators is indepth and wonderful. 
The involvement of man and woman in the community while implementing the SALT process is really amazing,it maintains gender equality very nicely. 
Thankyou the CLCP team or everyone involved in implementing such important initiative, I am fortunate for having the chance and opportunity to learn from the Team and Community through the KF. 

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Comment by Dr. Mukesh Bhachawat on May 7, 2018 at 1:10pm
  1. Amazing to see the impact of SALT at both the front Health care provider (ASHA/ A.N.M.) directly involved with community . Galvanizing effect on Immunisation rates.!!
  2. Kudos to every member of team ! Thou I was not part of it but feeling the change .

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