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FXB India Suraksha Imphal Manipur SHOWING/SOWING the Seed of Competence In Manipur.

COMMUNITY ACTION DAY 29th November 2010 FXB India Suraksha Village Imphal, Manipur.

CAD was celebrated with FXB India Sursksha Manipur Branch conducted an interaction session also as a SALT visit to a group of widows and
caregivers of FXB village Manipur on 29th November 2010. The session was
jointly facilitated by Joma . As a reflection of the fulfillment of the
objective of FXB village i.e. creating physical and economic environment to
lead lives with self esteem, dignity and economic self sufficiency, the
participating caregivers and widows share their success stories. Planning for
the next step they will be taking in future, at the end of the programme we

Stories from the group

Case 1. (Name- Ms 47 yrs, widow)

My husband died of HIV/AIDS 7 years ago after a prolonged illness. All the savings and properties we had were sold to meet the cost of his treatment. His
death left me with poverty and no hope for future. All my 4 children (3
daughters & 1 son) were very young then. I was worried about their
education, food and health. I had to
take loans from moneylenders to run a vegetable vendor. There was no profit as
the interest was high. It was in 2008 my family was enrolled as a beneficiary
of FXB village. With their support I could establish a grocery shop. My 2
children were supported with school fees and also go to the FXB’s community
support classes. Today I can earn up to Rs 2500/- approx. per month as profit from my business. I can
save sum amount of the money in the bank.

This woman spouse died of AIDS, fortunately she is tested negative. She was struggling looking after her kids but now she is self sustain.

Case 2. (Name- Ms , 45 yrs)

Both my husband and I are HIV positive. My husband is on ARVT since 2005. Fortunately all our 10 children are not infected. During the early days of 2000, there was lot of stigma and
discrimination. My children could not play freely with other children of the
neighborhood. In the Anganwadi centre my children were not allowed to share
spoons and utensils with others. We have come in contact with FXB Manipur in
2004. My husband was referred to the ARVT centre at Jawaharlal Nehru hospital,
Imphal. One turning point in our life was the coming of FXB village. In
addition to the education, nutrition and health care, there was income
generation support. We now sell charcoal and candles. The money was not the all
important. The empowerment with a changed thought towards positive living was
more important. I feel that with all these years of living with HIV I stay
healthy. I always know that FXB India Suraksha Manipur branch has given me this
outlook. I strongly feel that PLHIVs should act as agents of change and should
lead to empower the community.

Case 3. (Name- Ms , 66 yrs)

I have 3 grandchildren to look after. They became orphans in 2005. There was a time when my eldest grand daughter got dropout from school. I could not pay the tuition and admission fees. FXB India
Suraksha Manipur Branch took the initiative to put the child and other 2
children back to school. The school authority also supports my children with
some concession in fees. They are doing well now. I know it will again be a
hard life without FXB’s support. We have a handloom purchased with the support
of FXB. We produce traditional shawls and garments.

This old woman is supported by the community to generate income for looking after her orphan grand children’s, she is sustain now.

Case 4. (Name- Ms , 31 yrs)

In my family my son was first detected of HIV. He is now 11 years old. He was frequently taken ill with fever, diahorrea and swelling on the side of the neck. In later year my husband also got ill. He
was once an intravenous drug user. Due to fear of the community and also
understanding the income of the family, he resisted treatment. After a month or
two he died. It was in the year 2004. Widowhood, HIV infection, fears and
isolation was all what I had. In 2007 with the help of FXB India Suraksha
Manipur, I was referred to the testing centre in one of the hospitals. The year
2008 gave me the power to live a better life. With the amount of Rs 2000/- through
FXB village, I could start to produce woolen garlands. There is a huge demand in
the market. In the festive seasons, I
sometimes have to hire other workers. The profit I make out of this income
generation activity is Rs 3500/- per month. Now I don’t have any fear in life.
I can lead a life of my own. Even if I have to pay more than Rs 500/- for my
children education I can do it now. Once again I thank FXB India Suraksha
Manipur. I feel happy that my products
are accepted by the community though I am living with HIV.

With high demand of her products this woman is self supported now.

The Group was so motivated with what they are now even though they come across difficulties in the Beginning.

Below are the plans the group made.

1.The group agreed to transfer to other group affected/infected by HIV the experience they get in their life.

2.The group members with their conveniences will visit NGOs and stake holders to include them in the community visits and transfer what they have been experiencing.

3.The groups will visit each other to Appreciate and support each other.

We celebrate the achievements. FXB India Suraksha Imphal Manipur was doing a magnificent Job in bringing the community and clients together, they have been already into CLCP, they show/SOW
the competence process SEED in the lives of the people of Manipur by successfully
implementing sustainable livelihood programme.

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Comment by Sana Meitram on December 1, 2010 at 10:39am

Great work you done.

Today, I met team from FXB Manipur at World AIDS Day 2010 at Imphal and they were very much encourage about your visit and facilitation process.Really, they benifited.

Great work Joma. Dinesh from FXB express his gratitude to all team member of CLCP team.


Comment by Zoengpari on November 30, 2010 at 3:40pm
Joma ... you are an inspiration for the north east team... your have sown the seeds of CCP with your visit and interaction with the women CONGRATULATIONS
Comment by Joma on November 30, 2010 at 2:56pm
Thanks Rituu, If Rituu were not there to motivate me I couldn't this by my own.
Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on November 30, 2010 at 2:14pm
Dear Joma,

You have posted the report and photos within 12 hours of the event! Thanks for this super fast work:-) What I liked about the action plan is that the community members want to transfer their learning to others.

it would be good to go back after six months and see the changes Community action day has triggered off. Thanks a lot!

Warm regards,


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