Meeting with Network in Thane of People living with HIV


Brief Introduction among the members of the positive network and members of other NGOs:-


Sachin Kulkarni, Project Coordinator of NTP+ gave his introduction and induction about the Positive Network.

NTP+ is a non-profit organization and has started a journey of forming a CBO of People living with HIV&AIDS. It was founded by seven PLHA in the year 2004. It’s a district level Network for PLHA in Thane. It is affiliated to network of Maharashtra by PLHA and with PLHA and for PLHA.


The objectives of the NTP+ are:

Right to information forum for PLHA

Promoting social acceptance to reduce stigma & discrimination.

Oppournity for networking.

Raising awareness to address vulnerability

Protection of human rights PLHA

Creating awareness of living environment.

Involment of PLHA at the level of policymaking.

Promoting opportunity of skill building.

Involment of PLHA to contribute & war on “Save Environment”


He shared in the meeting; THANA District has about 5000 PLHA (Estimated). The network is funded by AVERT & they provide direct care & Support, Other livelihood services, referral services, counseling (pre, post, grief, family etc.) Nutrional & educational support for children infected, and affected.


He initiated NGOs to participate in the networking process so that more of PLHA can be tracked and care & support services can be provided to them. He talked about marriage Bureau (Jeevan Sathi). Which is a type of system; through help of it, PLHA male and female can get married and live their rest of the life happily.

 He also shared about the expectation, as he wanted coordination, contribution of each other for providing better services related to Skill development & opportunities for PLHA, Providing them a platform on which they can stand to carry rest of their life.


 Manita Sharma, Project Coordinator of Emphasis Project (ARC) gave induction about Emphasis Project. Adding to its Partnership Coordinator Sandeep Gaikwad also give brief talk about CARE.


Mr. Bhargav, Counselor of Humsafar Trust gave information about his NGO & pattern of work. Humsafar trust is working for the MSM community on HIV AIDS and has completed its 16 years.

He was present to represent Kalyan branch office.Humsafar has its own ICTC Centre with two doctors & medicines provided to the clients free of cost & for ART they refer to TAAL pharmacy or Thana ART centre.


Mr. Kishor Patil, Coordinator of Sai Organization care & support branch Bhiwandi. As he was new to his organization & recently joined, He only knew about nutritional support for PLHA TESTING through mobile van & travelling expenses of poor PLHA was provided from Sai.


Miss Ratna Prabhu Ganth, DRP of SALHA Organization gave an introduction on self & about her organization. Salha is village level outreach organization of Thane district who works with MSM, FSW, & Migrants on preventing HIV & Aids. They organize Health camp for there target group. The target group of SALHA organization has form Red Ribbon club for providing support and care, nutrition and other livelihood services for PLHA.


Mr. Subhash Bal Shankar, ORW of RASHTRIYA SWASTHYA PRABODHAN gave an introduction on organization; the organization was working in Bhiwandi with loom workers: for giving information of HIV & AIDS. The organization also organizes STI camps.


Mr. Sunil Birla, Counselor of Sankalp Trust gave an introduction on work, situation & target group. Sankalp trust is working with people who use injections & syringes for conceiving drug. As he said, tracking in the field is very difficult and challenges in itself. Even counseling such people, and bringing them to centre is impossible. He shared that he was also at the situation of addiction once and he better understands the situation of these people who get addicted using some substance.



NTP+ members said that, Strong referral system should be developing between so that huge number of needy PLHA can be registered in network. Discussion was done on the sentence an EMPAHASIS project is working with mobile population and some of them are HIV positive, because of not having residential proof it is unable for them to get ART. Collaboration and coordination should be strengthening between two systems to be with PLHA and make them realize their strengths.  The NGOs presented, and even care and support centers raised hand and agreed on helping them for getting ART. On the other hand, any other care & support services. The NGOs said mobile population under EMPHASIS project who are under high-risk behavior will be counseled and will be tested in ICTC Centre as per the area near to them and they will be coordinating with the team for happening so. On the same discussion, came to know that use number of Bangla Speaking population and Nepali population are housed in Mumra & Bhiwandi. If any PLHA or high-risk behaviour person found in during out reach EMPHASIS project with coordinate of field officer with NTP+ or out reach worker of other NGOs, can introduce to information center, care & support directly.  


CLCP Process:-

Was introduced along with it steps. As the process is very new & unique for them. They wanted to know more about it. SALT visit was done among the members, talked about strength & dreams. Email Id was shared among for forwarding the document of CLCP. Some of the field officer showed their interest that it would work in every level with different age groups. The Project Coordinator of NTP+ appreciated the process.

Did small session on Strengths and dreams,

And what we feel proud of,



Discussion on Sanjay Gandhi Health Scheme: Change in policy, including HIV&AIDS as a disease in the policy, how will it contribute and will be helpful, implementing strategies etc.


In between Refreshment was given to all the participants


After Action Review:-


 What Strengths was seen?


We-feeling and strong coordination,

Sharing was very enriching,

Communication pattern was strong,

The team was seen supportive,

Four NGO representatives were presented,



What work better?

Unexpected thing was that NTP+ had invited other NGOs from Thane, It was a platform which was itself opportunity for Emphasis Project to share about was is the project about and with whom are we working and on what issues. The sharing was productive. In such sort period, things went excellent.


How can we do it better next time?

As suggested meeting should be held in, every month on third week and Every Ngo will organize it accordingly in different months. Next meeting will be traced more on Contribution of each NGO for effective running of project.





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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on May 26, 2011 at 3:58pm

Dear Manita,


Thanks for this report. Gave me an opportunity to know what is happening with your project in Maharashtra. Keep us posted.




Comment by Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique on May 25, 2011 at 8:43pm

Well-written report, and good to see that for an introductory work with the positive network you have also done the AAR.

Would love to see the follow-up and see the positive network come to self-assessment in their dreams.

Keep it up.

Best regards


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