Field visit to Srinagar, China Garden on 26th May

Field visit to Srinagar China Garden on 26th May 2011

Time of visit-1p.m-4p.m

Today Project Coordinator Manita Sharma and ORW Tilak Thapa went for a visit to Srinagar, China Garden. As we entered the fast food restaurant the one of the shutter was half opened and some of the NMP single migrants were sleeping inside. As we got entered into the other room three boys (Parihar, Hari, Rana,) were cutting vegetables, boiling rice and noodles etc.

Tilak started talking to them and getting basis information to fill for first contact form. I shared with them about the project and also invited them to visit DIC.

Discussion on work pattern and timing

They start their work from 12p.m till 3p.m. each one has his own work to do. They start their work without having breakfast or even bath. Some clean vegetables, some do cutting, some fill sauce in the pouches, and some boil noodles and rice.

They finish their day work by 3p.m. the time from 3p.m to 5p.m is for rest or recreation. They utilize the time, as one individual goes to judo class, another individual goes for private tution, he is doing T.Y from Mumbai university distance learning. Some boys go to Ayyapa Mandir to feel fresh air, the Mandir is in the hill top, and they said they feel like home there. They say it’s like Nepal.

Why don’t you visit DIC?

They said it’s too far and in this 2hrs we do bathing and washing too.

After 5p.m they start their actual work, as per the order of customers.

Hari said (cook), he is in the fast food since five year back. There are several other fast food in the locality but because of popularity and the other thing is it’s the old restaurant the crowd of customers is increasing day by day. They get good feedback from customers regarding the dishes they prepare and serve them.

What strength was seen?

The cook manages staffs very well,

They are very cooperative,

Each one know their task very well,

They are 8 members and strong bonding is seen in between them,

Learning from the strength?

Working in team,

Supporting each other,

Cooperation among,

Visit planning for next time?

Time from 3p.m-5p.m is best to meet this group,

We can start the process on dream building next time.


The single Nepali mobile population at China Garden were busy, but they gave their time to the project.

Some of the boys are new and have less idea about the locality.

They sharing was fact which were measurable,

They also showed us the method of preparing Chicken dishes and Gravy,





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Comment by Laurence Gilliot on May 30, 2011 at 2:25pm
Great Manita! I was thinking the same as Rafique: I'd love to learn cooking from them. But not chicken as I'm a vegetarian :-)
Comment by Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique on May 29, 2011 at 12:43pm

Well written blog. Follow up is important as you have many locations to visit.

Wow. At least I would have learnt to cook too. We can learn this useful life skill. I am in dire need of this skill whenever I am alone at home.


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