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Kevin Mnone, short, hopeful keen on what it takes to bring comfort in his family is an intern and part of the public relations and resource development team of Metro evangelical services.
His vision is to financially empower himself to be an independent citizen with a tertiary education and sustainable income to make a living and to take care of his mother.
Kevin matriculated in 2005 after living with his mother who was working as a domestic worker. She lost her job in 2005 whilst he was doing his final year in high school/secondary school. This left Kevin family with huge financial challenges. In 2006 he did a first year diploma in Business Management utilising the unemployment insurance fund (UIF) from his mother.

Towards the end of 2006 a lady from his church (Dutch Reformed Church) informed him of an opportunity at Metro evangelical Services (MES) to become a Joshua Volunteer for one year. The Joshua’s programme is a residential programme that offers additional training opportunities for young people who would not be otherwise in a position to access these training opportunities and as well develop their leaderships and Excellencies through community service. This particularly responds to the needs of children and youth who roam around the streets during and after school hours in the city of Johannesburg. Some children are involved in drugs, sex and crime, become street children, form gangs and therefore, become a threat to the community.

Kevin enrolled and started his first Joshua year in 2007. After successfully completing his first year, he was offered an internship with the Public Relations & Resource Development Department. At the same time he was offered a bursary to study marketing through University of South Africa (UNISA). This is a 3-year diploma and he is still continuing with his studies whilst working within the Public Relations & Resource Development Department of MES. He is also the Chairman of the Staff Communications Committee within MES.

Thus, he realized his own potential whilst becoming a role model within the Joshua Team and Afterschool centres services to the Homeless community. He strongly believes that one needs to be with the people to really understand how to help them change their the due process you are transformed as well. Presently, MES is looking at moving him from internship to a permanent position. He continues to be a mentor for the new Joshua groups enrolling every year for the programme.

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