Life Circles: from community life competences to individual life competences...

a little more that a year ago, in an email, Sandrine Ruppol shared with the friends of Belcompétence her personal practices...

This resonated particularly with Jan, Jean-Louis and me, and we started seeing each other every month. A few months later, Wivine, Marie-Christine, Philippe, and then Anne, Mimi, Erik joined us for these monthly gatherings in Brussels (language used is French but also Dutch and English).

The format is simple and became like a little ritual:

We arrive around 18:00 (alternatively at Sandrine and my place), each of us bringing some simple food or drink that we prepare and then eat together, sharing the 'news' of the months, what is going on in our lives, what makes us happy...

Then we sit in circle and after a moment of silence, we share our individual dreams and practices; we follow the rules of a Talking Circle: each of us speaking in its turn when holding the talking piece, and all others listening; there is no debate or discussion, but just deep listening, mindful talking and some silence... (end at around 21:30).

I have not missed any of these gatherings because they give me so much peace and inspiration for my 'daily' life; it is a moment to slow down, to connect at the so precious and rich deep human level, to explore my own life, to receive others' stories as gifts and also to assess where I am and where I am going, slowly but surely...

we have called these gatherings "cercles de vie" (life circles), because it is about giving and receiving life, energy, love, trust, inspiration...

in case anybody is interested to know more or to join, please contact Sandrine or me... 

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Comment by Phil on December 1, 2013 at 9:49pm


...stories are gifts...

thank you for reminding me of that lovely idea


Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on December 1, 2013 at 9:32pm

Hi Nathalie, 

It sounds simple yet so deep- the heart-to-heart conversations. We are always busy without any time to introspect, isn't it! What is this life if full of care, when there is no time to stand and stare. Phil in his latest blog has shared how a community meets in PNG not only to converse but also take stock of the progress of the community in terms of alcoholism.  The Nepali community I am working with on HIV, now meets over tea and they say that they make a point to talk about HIV. These community conversations can be very powerful.Thank you Nathalie, thank you Bel competence.




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