Je m'étais engagé à former quelques enfants de la rue en couture tout en espérant à une commande qui m'avais été promise par une société de chez nous . Malheureusement cette société reste silencieuse et les enfants me traquent . Seul Dieu savait la confiance que j'avais gagné en ces enfants. J'étais inquiet et je me demandais comment recevoir ces enfants affamés sans même quelques chose à manger????
Tout à coup j'ai eu un plan B et je crois que ça va faire l'affaire ; j'ai fais appel à mes clients pour leurs dire que je commence à donner un cours du soir de la haute couture et 5clients ont accepté de participer. Donc, je vais gagner quelques monnaies pour former quelques enfants de la rue .
Merci à tous

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Comment by Musafiri Kizito Sebastien on July 2, 2017 at 4:07pm

Im sorry Nanda fort taking time without to reply!

Ah thé beginning 13 children had asked me yo teach thème sewing ; acter missing the command my plan B was notre enough to finance thé training of 13 children but 2 then i decided to start with the 2 and  the others are still waiting.


Comment by Musafiri Kizito Sebastien on March 31, 2017 at 11:52pm
Thank you Paula
Be blessed
Comment by Paula da Silva Mendonça on March 31, 2017 at 6:04pm

promised to train a few street children in sewing while hoping for an order that had been promised to me by a local company. Unfortunately this company is silent and the kids are chasing me. Only God knew the trust I had in these children. I was worried and was wondering how to meet those hungry children without even a few things to give them to eat ????
Suddenly I had a plan B and I think it will do the trick; I have called to my clients to tell them that I am starting  evening courses of haute couture and 5 clients have agreed to participate. So I will win some coins to train some street children.
Thanks to all


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