L for link in SALT : CLCP generates demand, government fulfills

Situation before

At the time of 1st Self assessment and follow-up visit the of 30 SALT coverage villages in  Bongaigaon, Assam (India), most families in the villages were providing vaccination to the babies. However there were drop outs and few were missing vaccination.

When we asked them what is your dream for health of your children, they realised that immunisation was critical for their children. ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) used to inform them about immunisation schedule and they used to go but why they were getting children immunised, what was the reason most did not know. Some said it must for their welfare but had no clue about  benefits of immunization. District Program Manager, DME and other district government officials were present during self assessment in Uttara khora gaon pt one and heard one of these conversations. This was in 2017.

So the community people told us that if they have a Banner on immunization schedules in details like timming of immunization, vaccine Name & diseases, name or purpose of immunization in Local language (Assamese Language).  they also said that those type of Banner if we (community) can use at the vaccination session site and another Banner in public place then it will be very useful for all community people and they easily can understand the importance of immunization & community never drop out their children from immunization. This type of Banner they demanded from us.

I knew that it is impossible for us and it is not part of our project. Our role is that communities own the immunization issue and we can link them to services.i shared this matter with SALT team of Bongaigaon and District Programmes officer (DPO) of Boat clinic (C-NES) Mr.Monjur Hussain Mandol. After 1st phase SA Mr. M H Mandol and SALT coordinator Jahirul Choudhury discussed about Community demand with joint Director of DHS & District Programmes Manager,NHM Bongaigaon (Assam). District Health officials supported it and they decided they will give us 30 Banner for 30 SALT villages. This Banner is Designed by BAHARUL ISLAM.

Situation now

Now we have distributed the banner in all 30 villages at the time of 2nd selfassessment & follow up visit. when i went to kheluapara Pt.6 village of Bongaigaon District for follow-up and i give them that Banner then ASHA worker Nureja Begum, Aw worker Momena Begum SALT champions Nureja Begum and khaleda Begum both said that this Banner help us with community people for knowing on immunization in details and said when community understand the importance of immunization then they take immunization in timely manner & they have no drop out case in future.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on February 9, 2019 at 10:52pm

Mr Ashok Rao, CNES, Assam responds on Whatsapp - When the SALT process was initiated and facilitators visited homes and interacted with communities it was found that most parents including grassroot health workers were not aware of the vaccines and what diseases it would prevent including the schedule. Parents took there children to the vaccination camps only when reminded by the ANM and the ASHA. There was no ownership then. Today parents and the communities after understanding the importance and necessity for timely dose have started taking the ownership. They have realised that good health of their children was important. Health workers do not have to remind today. Grandparents, men folk have even started taking the responsibility. Champions from the communities along with the facilitators and health worker took the initiative to visit homes where there was dropout children. The banner helped them to explain clearly about immunization


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