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Knowledge Fair_ Enlightened to Each Other_ KF_Kholapur

Knowledge Fair is the fair where the different peoples without experts join together in one umbrella (objective) to learn and share their experiences and challenges. They don’t only share their experience but also learn from each other.  

The Global Fund for Children (GFC) Knowledge Fair event was hosted by Avani Organization in the month of May 2023 at  Kolhapur, Maharashtra  with collaboration of partners such as Faith Foundation, Purnata and Rural Aid. From Rural Aid-  Rati Lama, Pancham Minj and Dheeraj Lepcha have participated. During the Knowledge Fair we have shared dreams, exchanged self-assessment of organization with challenges issues, and intimated with different communities in the salt facilitation. 

Our takeaways

Rati -  I was so attached emotionally with the communities during Salt facilitation in the Knowledge Fair, though it was for the first time but the positive ambience from the community has felt to me that we were known to each other(community). The exceptional teamwork, coordination and warm hospitality of the Smile Team (Avani) was so immersed learning to us in the KF. The session conducted by the Corey ma'am and Cohort team of GFC was wonderful to learn and practice. 

Pancham -  I have experienced tremendous learning from KF that leadership does not only mean moving forward yourself but also helping others to realize their inner strengths and helping to move forward by appreciating them which I have experienced in the entire Knowledge Fair. 

Dheeraj -  My takeaways, during the entire Knowledge Fair what i have learned is that KF, the absolutely the “enlightening the light to each other in the common wire”. The enlightening knowledge / ideas through experiencing and sharing the challenges & achievement into a common platform. From KF, I have also learnt the different strengths of organization partners working for the common dream of community and have experienced the positive vibes reflected from the community (SALT facilitation)  who have a dream to work as a unity to change their community through strengthening each other. 

Apart from the term Knowledge Fair, I would prefer the Knowledge Fair’s term as KNOWLEDGE FAIR (KF) = KEEN FRIENDSHIP (KF) because through KF we have earn many KEEN FRIENDS who were so loving & caring, supportive, energetic and enthusiastic for insightful thought to the community and the partners organizations. 

From Rural Aid organization, we would like to extend our gratitude to the entire GFC team members and Smile team (Avani Organization) for organizing and hosting the KF events to enlightened us immensely. 

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on August 10, 2023 at 7:03pm

Thanks Dhiraj, Pancham and Rati, thanks for the blog. Written after a lot of thought and from the heart!

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