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Kabataang Gabay sa Positibong Pamumuhay Competes to Win a YouthActionNet Challenge at GlobalGiving


KGPP launched the MDG campaign for street youth ‘The OUT OF THE STREET, BACK ON THEIR FEET CAMPAIGN’ as project entry to the 2010 YouthActionNet GlobalGiving Challenge.

JohnPierre, YAN Fellow of 2005 and head of KGPP is reaching out to friends and acquaintances around the world seeking support for his project entry

KGPP's Milestones:

In 2005, KGPP's President, John Pierre received an international YouthActionNet award from the international youth foundation for youth-led socially entrepreneurial efforts on HIV response. The HIV/AIDS Youth Advocacy package or HAYAP on Tour targets educating at-risk and vulnerable youth in Iloilo City which years later expanded to the Provinces of Iloilo, Negros, Aklan, Capiz, Guimaras and Antique. We started in the year 2000 under the Pag-asa Youth Association of the Philippines through the Unlad Kabataan Program of the DSWD in Western Visayas.

The focus is on MDG six and through youth-led development principles we strive in keeping our country’s international commitments and contributing achieving this goal among seven other goals in the Philippines. With HIV rising among Filipino youth, KGPP also addresses the issue among street children where element of risk is high. With small yet sustained efforts, the organization has twice received national recognition as outstanding youth organization in the Philippines in 2003 for Iloilo City and 2008 for Bacolod City for youth-led innovations in response to HIV and adolescent sexual and reproductive health. The organization also received the 2008 National Coke Barkada Award.

In 2006 KGPP continued the project with UNICEF support for children through AIDS-talk Marathon programme that reached 3,445 most-at-risk children and an approximate 260,000 youth in Western Visayas with a goal to reach 500,000 in 2015. The initiative was presented at the 2008 AIDS Conference in Mexico.

KGPP is enrolled since 2007 with the Constellation for Community Life Competence based in Thailand that supports the organization's bid in nurturing inherent capacities of communities (youth in particular) to become life competent. Our engagement with the Constellation is rooted in the deep and mutual understanding of the power of appreciation, building block of our success. We look for strengths and not weaknesses, and our approach is what we call the SALT interaction with communities. S stands for Stimulate, Support; A stands for Appreciate; L stands for Listen, Learn and Link; T stands for Transfer, Team. Through this, we become the “Salt of the Earth” giving flavour to the life of our facilitators and the communities we serve.

In 2008, the international youth foundation through Starbucks social entrepreneurs' fund revived KGPP’s Heal, Empower, Affirm-Reaffirm and Transform (HEART) project.This was initiated in 2005 with Japanese supporters Yumi, hiroshi, Eto, Akiyoshi and Toyoaki which was showcased during the International Art of Children Living on the Street held at the Civic pavillion of the 2005 Aichi World Expo. The project aims to help street children express their dreams and hopes and in order to make these dreams happen, build a worldwide support network for children living on the streets.

HEART Innove fosters creative therapy that engage youth in creating a visual art journal that serve as a diagnostic tool for continuing healing in surviving the biopsychosocial and sexual sequel brought about by forms of exploitation experienced by street children. Participants draws out their painful experiences, relates the significant changes in their lives, points the feelings boiling up inside them and bursts them out into colors and strokes that release them free in this expression. The feeling of hope and self-esteem can be felt in an activity shared by their peers. Read and hear their stories here:

KGPP finds opportunities to reproduce art products of street children through calendars, cards, crafts and art pieces for social awareness, gifts to sponsors and income generation. This has given birth to the "Peertrepreneurship Ventures" - an initiative in transforming peer educators into social entrepreneurs who generate financial returns to sustain their objectives and efforts. The venture was pilot tested during the Masskara Festival on October 2008 and launched on December 1, 2008 during the World AIDS Day Campaign in Bacolod City and re-launched on January 23-36, 2010 during the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City. We dream to expand in Western Visayas in 2011, Philippines in 2013, Asia in 2015 and the world by 2020.

KGPP was chosen to participate in the YouthActionNet Challenge to potentially mobilize donors around the world to support our Venture through OUT OF THE STREET, BACK ON THEIR FEET CAMPAIGN. The campaign is an economic development program that promotes youth-led initiative as a socially entrepreneurial venture. The campaign addresses poverty, illiteracy and the impact of exploitation through social entrepreneurship, life skills and art therapy with the ultimate aim in sending back street children and youth to formal schooling and transitioning them to non-exploitative sources of income generation.

The campaign’s effort is focused on MDG 1: eradicate extreme hunger and poverty, MDG 2: achieve universal primary education and MDG 8: building a global partnership for development. Effort for MDG 6: halt and reverse HIV is still maintained as we seek each street youth to avail voluntary HIV testing and health screening.

Our Challenge:

The challenge is to mobilize at least 50 donors and raise $4000 within one month from March 1, 2010 till midnight EST on March 31st . If we reach our target, we will earn a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving
site which will help in expanding our local efforts to a national level. The projects that raise the most funds will receive bonus awards of $2,000, $1,500, and $500 respectively. Also, the project that mobilizes the most unique donors will be awarded $1,000. Read more:

Our Call

KGPP seeks the support of friends by recruiting at least 10 of their peers and network that can support us. The more people recruited, the more chances of mobilising support and help us reach our target and have the potential to maintain an on-line fund-raising platform that would connect us with people who want to support our mission and build a global partnership for local issues confronting our young people.

The team has also created a project site at takingitglobal where our supporters and donors are being updated on progress of the project. We will post here the physical, academic, psychosocial and spiritual progress of children being sponsored; their brief profiles and messages are posted and updated regularly. We wish to connect them and sustain communications with our sponsors.

KGPP is a small youth-led organization that manages networks of formal and non-formal youth groups and yet, we have big dreams and we believe that if we share our dreams with others, they can become a reality. We strive to motivate youth to realize their dreams. We also reach out to people who need support and connect them with people who can offer support and build lasting relationship that change lives and fulfill dreams.


JohnPierre, Socorro, Bhernie, Gina, Caca and Macmac
Peertrepreneurship Venture Team- Kabataang Gabay sa Positibong Pamumuhay

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