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Is this the power of local response???

During my conversations with 25 indigenous women last week, one of the topics for discussion was their role on their community. The group gathered that their role has very often been limited to doing housework, looking after children and cooking for community events. The group eventually went to discuss about gender inequality in their respective villagers where women and men are treated differently - men often given leadership roles and women as followers.

At the end of the 1.5 days discussion, the women from 2 villages decided that it is time they take charge and work hand-in-hand with the men. They were planning to organise a women futsal competition in one village and a funfair in another village. Before I left for Singapore, they told me they will confirm with with me in the next week if these events are happening.

Today, I received a very heartening phone call. The women from one of the villages confirmed that the event is happening on the 31st of December. The women will organise and referee the competetion and they are also inviting the men to participate. One major difference will be that a woman will referee the men's game!

I can't wait to be part of this meaningful event in the community and I am surely going to enjoy myself!

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