Hussein reflects on the power of a home visit

*Over the course of two years, The Constellation has partnered with the Institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) in Ethiopia to integrate AIDS Competence (ACP) into their existing Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) programme. During a support visit in Borana, one Ethiopian participant - Hussein - experienced firsthand the power of SALT through a home visit.*


“My name is Hussein Omar, coming from the Afar region, working in the Mille DRR project. I want to share an experience from joining the support visit in Nigelle Borana, hosted by SOS-Sahel, and learning what they have been doing with CMDRR.

The main thing I expected to hear coming to this visit was about CMDRR+, the integration between CMDRR and AIDS Competence. But, I have seen and learned many things, especially during the home visit that I attended. I want to emphasise a special thing that I obtained from that home visit. This home visit is different – unique from other home visits that I’ve seen in Afar or in other places.

I went to visit the home of a girl called Gite. That woman is living with HIV. My teammates asked many questions of the lady, and I really appreciated her confidence, how she spoke boldly to us. She didn’t say once to us that she needs support or help from others; instead, she’s was saying that she can do things on her own.

I was expecting to see that when the visitors came, the girl would ask for things that she needs – support, financial aid. But what I saw in her was different. I realised that she didn’t mention the word 'support' once. She said that she could help herself, that she has the capacity to do something herself. She is engaged in a small business so she’s saving some money. She’s already opened a bank account, so she has hope that she can meet her dreams step by step.

I used to think that aid is necessary to accomplish something, to do something. That was my way of thinking before. But now, I’ve come to this place from Afar to learn these things – that one can do anything with only his own strength and courage and confidence. This lesson may seem simple, but for me it’s a really important lesson I’ve received. It will change my life when I go home to Mille. I’d like to thank all of the implementing organisations who have made this visit possible for me.”

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Comment by Laurence Gilliot on July 22, 2011 at 10:11am

This is a very simple and beautiful lesson learned Hussein. We sometimes 'know' things intellectually but until we 'understand' deeply or see this, that's when it touches our heart and transformation happens :-)

Thank you for sharing (thanks to Ricardo as well)!!!


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