(This is a story of husband and wife from a village called Bungsand in Nagaland, Northeast India. Uncle Huolai who is a facilitator of Community life Competence Process (CLCP) wrote this story and sent it to me for posting on this network. I am very happy that I can bring in stories from the field. We are very proud of Uncle Houlai or Uncle ACP as he likes to be called.)

A girl from the state of Manipur married a man from Village Bungsang in Nagaland. Soon she became treasurer of the village Church. She was very nice and kind hearted lady and everybody in the village loved her.

A year later she gave birth to a baby but the baby died after a month. Two years later the couple again had a baby who too passed away. The wife was very upset and depressed. People from the village came to console her. One villager shared with her that her husband was HIV positive. She did not know about her husband’s HIV status and was shocked to hear this. Without informing anyone, she handed over accounts to a Church elder. She left her husband’s home and went to her parent’s home in Manipur.

Her husband was very upset. He approached Uncle Houlai and SALT facilitation team for help in re-uniting with his wife. The SALT team visited the lady in Manipur. She refused to go back and said that she feared that he had passed on HIV to her and she would die very soon. SALT team shared with her stories of how people had overcome trying conditions. SALT team helped her realise her strengths .Even if she was positive, she came to the conclusion that she could seek treatment and live. The team stayed three days in Manipur and finally the lady agreed to come back to her husband’s home. She underwent HIV test and was found negative. Now the husband and wife live happily together.

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Comment by diwakar kumar jha on July 13, 2011 at 10:09am

good morning  rituu mam

it is a sparkling and message giving story for our orthodox and idiotic society, which called himself as aso called civic society.   

Comment by M.L. Prabakar on April 12, 2011 at 4:19pm

Dear Rituu, and Uncle Huolai (Uncle ACP),

Great story.  I can see how much effort it would have taken on the part of the CLCP team to do some thing like this.  My sincere appreciation for the empathic response.  I always feel that there is a wonder element (I don't Know what it is) in this bonding between the Husban and the Wife which can deal with all odds this story is an example for it.  I am glad that our champions are able to tap on it effectively. 

Warm regards,


Comment by Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique on April 8, 2011 at 3:24pm

Hi Rituu and Uncle Huolai,

I like the story more for its happy ending, which is a welcome change! :-)

Ask Uncle Huolai to dig deep into his pockets, he has many more ACP stories, I am sure!

With best regards,



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