All communities need angels. Angels are the people who carry the messages to and from people who can you make your dreams come true.

Dreams come true when three kinds of angels carry the messages from one place to another:

  • Master Angels who have specialized in something and know all the professional language, the best solutions money can buy and the affordable solutions that work almost as well as the most expensive
  • Connector Angels who bring people from many places and many professions together and introduce them to each other
  • Sales Angels who tell the dreamers how another mindset or practice can make your dreams come true

One of the Master Angels, Edward T. Hall suggest that we have made it hard for the angels to do their jobs. We seem to have chosen a way to spread knowledge, that make it hard to spread useful ideas and practices.

The oldfashioned way to do that is by sharing stories instead of knowledge. It still works.

I have attached an article by Mette Jacobsgaard, with some fascinating ideas on how to reignite the old tradition of storytelling, so we can help the Angels make our dreams come true.


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