Dear fellow humans,

It is still very hard to accept that the miraculous musician,the marvellous magician to whose tune the entire world danced,the Martian like boneless mortal,messiah of millions,the God of Pop -our own "Mai ka Laal Jaikisan"is no more with us.

Millions were sent into state of religious ecstasy("Haal")and were also soothed by just a word from him,a glimpse,a gesture ,a posture which mesmerized many(at the concert at Andheri Sports Complex,Mumbai in 1996 the ambulances had to work on a regular basis to carry away the fans who passed out every time he said-"I love you"),the tickets to the 'forthcoming' scheduled concert in UK(not going to see the light of the day now)in July,2009 got sold like hotcakes at a rate of 11 tickets per second!

The magician who charmed us all,the greatest musician-entertainer,the one man entertainment industry ,however,is definitely going to be amongst us and will continue to inspire and motivate generations to come.

We all have to translate our devotion towards the legend into action for ensuring His legacy to the posterity.

Our own Indian trend setter/disco dancer ,Mr.Mithun Chakraborty-a star,an actor,a dancer and a human par excellence had named his son after the legend(MJ) and the genius pugilist Mr.Mohammed Ali(Michael Mohammed-Mimoh) who will definitely carry the legacy forward.

The 'bad' had to suffer the "baddest" part of his life in the last decade or so.Finally he got peace which was denied to him by lesser mortals who always misunderstood his love for the children( a child that he could never be)whom he draped in bed sheets to make them cosy and comfortable,offered hot milk and showered all his affection and tender feelings the way a mother would do.

Ms.Piya Thakkar-the Gujarati Electronics Enginner in the US will definitely vouch for the vibrations and feelings she got from this exceptionally good human being with whom she shared three minutes on the stage during the Bombay concert.

Can we do something for the children of the legend-Prince,Paris and 'Blanket'?A concerted collective action by all of us in this regard will a true 'concert' and a homage to Him.

In deep mourning and personal grief with you all,

Dr.Rajesh Gopal,AIDS Control,Gujarat,India.

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