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This is the story of a 9-year-old son, this is the story of a 16-year-old youth, this is the story of a responsible person who falls on young shoulders due to circumstances at a young age, this is the story of a father who pursues his passion and becomes a businessman.

Today, while Kedar and I were walking around, we took salt with a man who was grazing goats in a field. We learned many things while talking with that person. And we also learned that "we should learn from the experience of others".

"When I was in school, my father passed away and suddenly the responsibility of the household fell on my shoulders. I completed my schooling only till 7th standard. I really wanted to study school, I loved mathematics, but from then on I started going to work. I started working at JCB for Rs 2.5 per day. Gradually I learned to drive JCB. At that time I started getting Rs.700. When I was working on a JCB, my grandfather threw a stone at me. I still have that scar on my head. The reason for the stone pelting was that a stone fell from the JCB while working and the stone fell on me. But I took it positively and improved my work. After that there was never a mistake in my work. My house was running on JCB. I was also doing his maintenance work myself. When I was a child, my grandmother gave me a baby goat. I had a lot of life on that goat. I was caring for him more than my life. I made my business based on my passion.

Today I have produced 34 goats and 14 cows-buffaloes on that one goat. One time I don't eat myself but I feed them on time. I have built my bungalow on their lives. My daughter is preparing for MPSC exam. While doing this work, I am also doing my own farming and also preparing 2 acres of other people's farms. Although I have a bungalow, I am living in my old mud house. We should do any work in our life with heart. We should love that work. When we fall in love with that work and work, we get success. A principle of my life is that I am always learning from the experiences of others. And today's children should also secure their future in the same way. We should live our lives using the formula of simple living and high thinking. I tell my kids the same thing. And I stand firmly behind them in every decision they make. And the same is said to the children of my village."

This is all about Anil Patil who lives in Nandwal. He has given me enough education in an hour to last a lifetime. I was blessed to meet this person who studied only 7th but has done PHD of his life.

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Comment by Padmavati R on February 29, 2024 at 1:38pm

Lovely narrative of determination, and passion that drives hard work. Thank you 

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