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Failure Is A Great Teacher But this Teaching Is Enough For Life.

What Rohit Sharma didn't get to learn in the first ten matches, he might have learned in the last one. Defeat is a great teacher. His fee is not affordable but his teaching is enough for life, improves life, makes mature!

We enjoyed the first ten matches. We all celebrated the joy of winning. But still one last match upset the whole country. In terms of percentages, India won 10 out of 11 matches and scored 91 percent points which is unmatched by any other team. Still, the team and the country are upset.

Cricket is not the important issue here, Happiness is the question of human attitude towards happiness or seeking happiness. The Pursuit of Happiness is so ingrained in our thinking that we forget that happiness "is".

Something similar has happened to Pirwadi village. We got success for SALT in Nandwal, Kandgaon, Vashi village but not in Pirwadi village. We tried a lot in Pirwadi village. Some of them also supported us. But we didn't get success. This made me a bit disappointed too but that's ok we can't succeed at everything. Why did this happen in that village? Why are people there not so supportive? Why don't they want leadership? We searched for the answers to all these questions and finally it was people like us who were responsible for it. Yes, you heard it right. We are responsible for this.

Now I will tell you how. When we asked some of the village upstarts about the failure in the village, they gave us some surprising answers. In that village we held individual discussions with Anganwadi workers, Gram Panchayat members, Sarpanch, Senior citizens. All the answers were the same. He told us that the people of this village do not support themselves for any work. They have nothing to do with such activities. The people of the village have to beg to be brought for health checkup. Not only do they have to bring but they have to give him medicine for free as a reward or else he will not participate in any program next time. The CRP (Community Resource Person) of Women Self Help Group also had the same experience. They also have to follow women. It never comes as a responsibility of its own. They come at the same time when they have an advantage in them. Gram Panchayat also has the same experience. At least 50-100 people are present whenever there is a village meeting. Its active members are only counted on the hands. We were told by a responsible person in the village that you should not work in this village. Don't waste your energy. Because here we are insulting ourselves. And we've been through it too so you better stop. After we asked what could be the actual reason behind all this, we found out that people are in the habit of giving and receiving from the beginning. So this is happening. And people are happy in their work. They don't think these other things are so important. Now we have formed the habit of give & take. All of you ect. Come to the event we give you something about it and you give us a photo. So both of us will work. We have developed this habit and people are used to it now. And today I succumbed to it. I work very actively in the rest of the village. But it is very painful for me to fail in my own village. And if all this is to change, we need to know now how important SALT is. Because people are losing their leadership. And now is the time we must change. Although I have failed, I have learned a lot from it. So now we all need to recognize what is the right way and change the role of Give & Take to put them on their feet for their betterment. See if you agree..

I have met the following persons and decided to close the work in this village.

Anganwadi Workers - 3
Former Gram Panchayat Sarpanch - 1
Current Gram panchayat Member - 1
Male - 2
Female - 3

What did I learn?

I learned that people are conditioned to just take. They are losing their leadership qualities. If a thirsty person is thirsty, he must find water himself. But we are bringing ready-made water to such persons. If this continues like this, then the community will continue to be followers. They will not be a leader.

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Comment by Santi rambari on January 17, 2024 at 5:55pm

Your writing touched my heart.  It seems that I see a mirror image in my village.  People are used to giving and receiving.  But they have strong hands and beautiful minds.  continue  good luck


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