I want to share with you what I see as core developments of the Constellation in the past year. I have been following the progress of the Constellation from the distance and I could see during the SALT visits and the Board Meeting in September that it is becoming a mature movement. I feel really proud of being part of this growing group of people working together for a better world and happier communities.
And thank you to Laurence for being such a "SALTy" companion.

Developments in 2008
- SALT consolidates the spirit of the Constellation

"This year I found that there was a framework that is tangible. Tools and steps of the process fit together more easily. Before the tools were separated but now our philosophy (SALT) glues the tools together. I could see that you practice SALT at a 'higher' level: as a way of living. SALT impregnates the relationship amongst us which results in a real message that comes out not from the head but from the flesh, out of experience. It forces us all to look inside ourselves, otherwise it is not SALT, and that is what I could see in place. SALT does not influence what you do but rather about who you are and how you face life. You are life competent if you are SALTy and when you are life competent, you trust in others being able to be life competent as well. If you do not believe in the capacity of others, it is probably because you also doubt about your own life competence."

- SALT consolidates the structure of the Constellation

"The Constellation doesn't only talk about philosophy but all members played a big role in materializing the philosophy. It is important to see how the CFT works in a different way. It is actually possible to work with a SALT mindset. The CFT is the living proof that SALT is possible. There is no hierarchy in the Constellation: people are people. The CFT members for instance are equal to board members and to community members. There is no separation between people who put things in place and communities because the CFT also goes to the field. The architecture of the Constellation really reflects its philosophy."


- "People in the development sector in Western countries do not question their mindset. How can we transfer the approach in rich countries? People do not accept that they have a problem and rather go and work in Africa or what they consider "helpless communities". But we are all the same in terms of human capacity. In Spain, we have access to NGOs but it is difficult penetrating through. People in charge of organizations think the process is nice to hear but they do not want to put it in practice, because they fear they might lose power. It challenges their position as professionals. "

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Comment by Aude on January 12, 2009 at 3:55pm
It is really interesting what you are writing MariJo ! You write so well ! I think that the question "how can we transfer the approach in rich countries" is really a big challenge for the future... Because we have the same situation in Belgium and in Spain. How to transfer ? How to spread the approach in our countries, our communities, our working places ? In Belgium, we think that if we are succesfull in rich countries, it could be transfer in all the world. I'm waiting to read you again, also on Blended Learning :-)
Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on January 8, 2009 at 10:48pm
Dear MariJo,

Greetings from India! You have captured the achievements extremely well in your blog. Reflects how SALTy you are.

I have a desk job and rarely go for SALT visits. But what has continued to hook me to ACP is the CFT. All members inspire by example; they don't preach,they practice.

Thanks for your write-up. Enjoyed it.

Best wishes,



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