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Avani Smile Team has been conducting SALT and CLCP in Washi village, district Kolhapur, India.

I had SALT conversations with Anganwadi Sevika. Then I observed that the number of students in Anganwadi was less. State education department issued a notification regarding shutting down schools with less than 20 students. This raised apprehension among Anganwadi workers about the possible shutdown of local government schools in Washi. The students in the Washi government school have declined parents prefer to admitt the children to an English medium school. 

After a few days, I visited an Anganwadi centre in the village and met some mothers and children and interacted with them. I invited the mothers to recall their childhood memories of school. Memories they will never forget. The women described how their school life was fun. A small school of beautiful Koularu houses, the dung and wt soil in the school yard and its aroma, a small hand carrying a bag and a box of food. A woman shared many special memories like the friends she met after coming to school, the ringing of the school bell, and the songs sung in the school. The children in the Anganwadi were listening very intently to their mothers. I told the mothers that their children could also experience it. But for this, you have to admit your children in your Marathi or local school. Although English medium is the need of the hour, the children will not be able to live the beautiful life you lived in Marathi schools.

After the discussion, everyone thought about the future of their children. And one mother said, "we cannot deprive our children of their childhood. As we have shared our beautiful experiences today, children will also be able to tell in the future. "

Mothers also shared that the fee in private, English medium schools is high and at times they are not able to pay the fees and withdraw the children and admit them to government-run Marathi medium schools. If the quality of education improves, it will encourage the parents to admit them to government schools. 


1. Today we got to think about the future of our children. We remembered and enjoyed our childhood.

 2. More discussions like today's should be held with women. We will help you with this. 

Subsequently, the Aanganwadi workers shared about the above meeting with their colleagues, other Anaganwadi workers. I plan to visit and facilitate a conversation with them.

Note: An Anganwadi is a type of rural child care centre in India.

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