[ This is a story from a community member captured during the recently concluded National Knowledge Fair organised by Siaap and India Competence. Maya from Siaap translated the story in English for the group. Theme of the story was Care leading to change. The experience of many local communities confirms th link between care and sustainable change at individual and community level. The capacity of people to respond to that sense of care can be integral to prevention in the global response to HIV.]


Sita* got married at a very early age of 17. She had studied till Grade eighth, knew tailoring but was not exposed to outside world. Sita faced a lot of difficulties in her relationship with her husband as they were brought up in different environments and had entirely opposite temperament. There were frequent fights and arguments. Meanwhile, Sita gave birth to two children but daily squabbles continued. Finally they decided to separate. Sita started working as a leader of a self help group.

Soon it dawned on the couple that their separation was harming them. Sita was facing rebuke from the neighbours as she was separated from her husband. Sita feared that her separated status could stop her younger sister from getting married. She also wanted her children to get educated but it was not possible for her to do this alone. Her husband wanted to be with his children. They both realized that they could not live without each other. Therefore, they decided to reconcile, put aside their differences and get back together.

The couple has made adjustments in their relationship. The husband gives her ample freedom and allows her to travel for work. Earlier when he would lose his temper, she would get angry but now has accepted that no one is perfect. It is his personality. The couple is now happily living with two children- one boy and one girl.


* Name changed

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