'Blended Learning Process': Lessons learnt and Outcomes.

On 3 March 2010, six members from Kenya Competence Trust, met together for a whole day's process to look at the six modules for the blended learning. The team took turns in facilitating the different modules, but what added value was the fact that the team had different expriences in line with the six modules.

We had agreed as a team in a core-team meeting early in February to look at the blended learning materials as part of our own team development/refresher process. As a team we each took one module which we facilitated on the day we met for the blended learning; enforcing the discussions to reflect on our own experiences.

What worked well was the fact that, we all had expreriences to contribute either in facilitating or sharing - so, the approach enabled the team, not to start from scratch, but building on 1) what we know 2) what is in the modules, and 3) our own expriences. The modules were very straighfoward, but we also had to look at different dimensions from what has worked well for us in addition. The shared responsibility gave all of a chance to own and commit to the learning of the process.

A recommendation to others, is have an open mind as you go through the modules, the concept/content is fantastic, but everyone has a different way for implimenting - reflecting on what works well for you, or even how it adds value to what you already know is best. The other thought is as much as we have the Cds/internet for that overview, its helpful to have a pre-process preparation, with markers, flipchart papers - some sort of working space that is 'out of the computer', so that enough time is spent developing lessons learnt from the reflections being generated in the room - dont rely only on the modules, but be open to diversity.

It was a learning opportunity, but also a chance to refresh on tools that we havent used for a while - I think if people are committed to learning and expanding on how to use and apply the modules, there will be greater outcomes in regard to lessons learnt for each person. Generaly, we all have to make efforts in anything to make it work..

Please find more information about our 1) Blended Learning process and 2) E-mail conversations on key reflections on each module on the Kenya competence Trust group on: https://aidscompetence.ning.com/group/kenyacompetencegroup/forum/to...

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Comment by Meble Birengo on April 1, 2010 at 12:28am
Hi there Rituu,

Thanks for the comments; my suggestion to you and team as you begin, is get a smaller team, just a few of you who are close-together, and go through it together, and work on the modules based on your own expriences. Its might be easier that way, and offer that support for accompaniment to your partners in small portions later on!

Keep in touch....

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on March 31, 2010 at 7:26pm
Dear Meble and friends,

Thanks for sharing this amazing learning. Blended learning is yet to pick up in India and your sharing shows a way forward to India competence.

Warm regards,



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