It happens we are in core team meeting of Kenya competence trust re-visiting 2010 time line and strategising for the year  2011 ,the constellation chair is with us and he spends the whole day with us .Jean lois tell inspiring stories -----How phil tells his wife about her specific strengths, even though its agaisnt the culture,He also tells about its possible to go scale ----ARC competence ,another story professor sakasa and his family ----UN campaign theme .


The following day we are in kithituni for a salt visit we talk alot with him about self assessment ----and how it can be applied in business situations . ,But  Dr phil story sends me thinking   BEING SPECIFIC ABOUT STRENGTHS IN OUR FAMILY ,how do we accompany others that are DEAR to us to see their strengths ?

Im inspired and eventually i say i will try it to my wife .On the same day as we take our supper ,my wife ,two sons and me

"My dear you are talented in creating beautiful things you are creative ,she asks how do you  know that im talented  ,look at your compound you have beautiful good combination of flowers ,you also create beautiful beads in the dorcus beads work " she tells me as we continue that other people have told her the same ,and she feels good that her husband is seeing the same

I decide henceforth the best way to interact with my family whenever we are discussing and planning issues its good to build on each other strengths ,You stop being judgmental if you look others on angle of their strengths















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Comment by Laurence Gilliot on March 4, 2011 at 9:30am
Beautiful Abednego. You inspire me to appreciate people around me even more :-) I'm happy we are together on this journey.


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